All Trey, All the Time

Challenging Myself

I learned how to golf when I was 12.  I started playing volleyball at the age of 14.  I didn't learn how to play tennis until high school.  Those are the last things (activities) that I have learned how to do.  Nothing new or challenging since then.  That is, until...

Yes, A List

 The battle between parent and child re: screens is horrific.  We can never underestimate the influence we have on other people.   We also cannot fret over the same thing.   I have met some folks in recovery from addiction lately.   When done right, they come through...

One Thing

What can you count on?  Really?  What is stable for you?  What is it that will be there for you forever, never failing, always consistent?  What do you value?  What is it that takes up the bulk of your time/attention/focus?  Where do you turn when things don't go your...

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