These Days...

What and how I feel about what’s been going on is all over the place. In general though, I tell my kids that it’s more important to know what you DON’T KNOW than what you do know.

What Death Does

Death is all around us. You can’t drive far without seeing a funeral home, most often with cars outside of it if not people going in and out paying their respects. Many people go into hospitals, not all of them leave alive. Sometimes nursing homes have ambulances bringing people to live, other times they are taking them away. Death is inevitable but we do our best to avoid it.

The Futility of Self Care

Before you read another word, know this. I want you and you deserve to be cared for physically, spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally. We all need to have our needs met. If, however, our focus goes to only (or primarily) meeting our needs then we will run into two problems.

Give Us a Shot

Rather, why not reach out to those who don’t go to church? I get one compliment more than any other. People say, “I’ve never been to a church where people were so welcoming and happy to see me.”

“Be kind.  Everyone you meet today is battling something.”

Faith Community Church

Jay Mitlo is the youngest son of Thomas and Betty Ann Mitlo. Jay is a 1989 graduate of Penn Hills High School in Pittsburgh, PA and 1993 graduate of Indiana University in Bloomington Indiana. He has over 20 years of ministry experience and education. He has been on staff as the Metro Director for YoungLife in Pittsburgh (teen outreach ministry), Executive Pastor of Rolling Hills Church, and now is the Pastor at Faith Community Church in Penn Hills. Jay spent some time training with the Center for Relational Care out of Austin Texas. It was there were he learned about Emotional/Relational needs, Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), and most of all…comfort. This revolutionized his ministry, teaching, and life… Read More

All About Trey



We were at the 8th annual UnWined event to benefit Children's Hospital Hematology/Oncology division. I jokingly call it our annual opportunity to buy fancy clothes and be reminded that we lost a child to cancer. Truth be told it is our annual honor to represent...

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A Summer List

A Summer List

It's been awhile since I've posted a list. It cracks me up how many people love these lists. So, here you go! The amount of food in my fridge on Monday's compared to Friday is hilarious.I cook a lot on weekends.I'm in a burger slump. Salt, pepper, garlic and grill. I...

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