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Trey is doing great and his Monday/Tuesday morning doctor/therapy appointments went great.  His weekend, like ours, was busy and full of fun/family/and backyard sprinkler, swingset, and silly fun.  The other day Rachel ran into someone who knows me very well.  He knows of Trey but has either not met Trey before or it has been a long time.  They saw him in an elevator at Children’s Hospital.  Later that week I ran into him and he asked me, “That boy I saw at the hospital…is that the one with the, uh, problems?  I told him yes and he just shook his head in disbelief.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, he’s perfectly fine…except that he is not.

That being the case I wanted to share with you what 15 or so minutes with Trey is like.  I will now simply, with very little or no context, simply relay to you what Trey says.  I am in the dining room, alone.  Rachel and the kids are in the living room just feet away.  Bella is supposed to be going upstairs to clean her room.  Joe and Trey are to be going into the basement to play.

4:45 p.m.

Joe…Joe, Joe.  Joe let’s go play down the basement.  Joe Dad, Joe.  AAAAAHHH.  (They are going in the basement)  Joe can I have another bite?  Can I have another bite?  Why?  Joe can I play…oh.  (Trey now on Wii).  Look at the $#%%^^@$$@ to hit.  Here comes another one. We’re almost there, we’re almost there.  There’s two over there.  Uggghhhh!  (Bella is now upstairs screaming in frustration about…something she’s trying to open…or close…or clean.  MOM!!!!! She yells in tears.  I’m trying to (undecipherable in tears and muttering noises) and I can’t!!!)  Trey and Joe playing quietly).   Humph (back to Trey quotes).  I’m going on the swing.  You can play Joe.  Joe can you please stop (1 minute later).  JOE I’M SORRY!!!  Whoops.  Joe you’re going to do it again!!!  Let’s get it.  Joe you’re going to do it again…JOE!!!  (I don’t know what “it” is).  Joe.  Joe daddy says I’m good at that, I’m good at that.  Joe.  Go.  Joe.  You’re going to play my video game.  Joe.  Joe.  I’m going to get my video game, my video game.  Joe I can’t get the dvd I need you to get them.  Joe I need help, Joe I need help, Joe I need help.  I need to play the Just Dance game.   JOE!!!  (screams something, not angry…just screams something indecipherable).  (Singing something) JOE!!!  Want to play a couple games, play a couple games?  Doggy Do (his new game).  We can play a couple games…three games (he’s emptying the games closet while Joe is on the wii).  Joe, who are you?  Who are you?  Joe, Joe, let go.  Where are you guys.  Oooh, you got nine, you got five.  What’s that guy?  (Indecipherable) you got two.  You did not get many others.  Is it my turn to play again?  You got hurt.  Joe don’t do it yet.  I said DON’T DO IT YET.  PLEASE DON’T DO IT YET.  JOE PLEASE DON’T DO IT!  JOE.  JOE!!!  Joe please don’t hit the target yet.  Because I said so.  JOE!!!  I said so.  I did just block you.  UGH!!!  Joe do you want to play Doggy Do?  Joe play Doggy Do.  Can you put the poo in (it’s part of the game)?  Joe.  (Screams for Joe’s score on the game)  Woo hoo!  Seven points!  Seven points.  Ewww, ewww, ewww…ewwwwwwwww.  Joe, I’m going upstairs to play with your Kinex (he is NOT ALLOWED to play with Joe’s Kinex…mommy put it together).  You don’t come with me, you play in the balls room all by yourself.  You don’t come upstairs.  (Joe comes upstairs) You go in the balls room!  (Trey follows).  Joe I have a surprise for you.  (Trey is in the office, where the Kinex is, he is not allowed in the office).  Mom, I’m having trouble with the Kinex, Dad I need help, MOM!!!

5:15  So there you go.  I have to go and you got to sit with me for 30 minutes listening to this perfectly normal boy.  He just drank my grape juice.

***special thanks to Rachel who gave me the time to do this***

ps-it’s not going well for Bella cleaning her room…

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