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“Cancer, your child has cancer.”  Hopefully you’ve never heard these words but Rachel and I did.  Maybe you heard other words that were very similar to this and you feared for your child’s life.  Maybe your outcome was different than ours and your child survived, praise God!  Either way, you are part of a club that no one wants to belong to.  Tragic as it may be, that club gets larger in size each and every day.

If your child received a life threatening diagnosis you probably realized what Rachel and I did and found that there was no guidebook for how to survive this trying time.  THAT’S one of the main reasons why I wrote my book “Stand – Emotionally and Practically Surviving When a Child Gets a Life Threatening Diagnosis.”  I am honored to tell our story but also equip parents and their loved ones around them in how to manage a time in their lives that they never ever considered.

I am including a section in our book that is a “Tribute” to the kids and families (like you) that have gone down this path. We were in this together, we just didn’t know each other and were left feeling terribly alone.

There are two categories of tributes and two ways within each to be a part of this.  1. “In Memory Of” – these are for kids like Trey who completed their battle and went to be with the Lord.  2. “In Honor Of” – these are for kids who are still in battle or are no longer facing their diagnosis.

Within that you can do two things.  1. For $100 your child’s name is listed in the tribute section.  2. For $300 you can have up to 3 lines telling their story.  The funds raised through this will help us get the book into more people’s hands who need it to survive their battle.  

I respect and appreciate all that you’ve been through and am honored that you would consider helping others survive their battle.
If you would like to be a part of helping these families out you can email me at and venmo me at Joseph Mitlo@Jay-Mitlo.  Let me know which tribute category your child/loved one should go in and whether it should just be their name or how your three sentences should read.

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