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We are so honored that you would take the time to learn more about our book “Stand – emotionally and practically surviving when a child gets a life threatening diagnosis.” We are humbled that you would consider coming alongside us in trying to help people in their darkest moments and most trying times. Here are three ways you can get involved before the book is launched.


We have personally financed this project. If you would like to partner with us in this, you could be one of the following.

Contributor $100
Supporter $250 (Name mentioned in “Thank You” section of book)
Producer $500 (Mentioned in “Thank You” AND on back cover)
Angel $2,000 (All the above and being mentioned in any speaking engagement
pertaining to the book)

All Partners are invited to a Pre-Release Party.


The second is through a Tribute. This is for the kids and families (like you) that have gone down this path.

There are two categories of tributes and two ways within each to be a part of this.  1. “In Memory Of” – these are for kids like Trey who completed their battle and went to be with the Lord.  2. “In Honor Of” – these are for kids who are still in battle or are no longer facing their diagnosis.

Within that you can do two things.  1. For $100 your child’s name is listed in the tribute section.  2. For $300 you can have up to 3 lines telling their story.  The funds raised through this will help us get the book into more people’s hands who need it to survive their battle. 


Perhaps you don’t have someone to designate in a Tribute or you don’t want the perks of any of the Partner designation, being a Team Member might just be for you. Most of you were members of Team Mitlo – One for years, why stop now? You can do two things in being part of the team.

  1. Share what we are doing on your social media and in person. Let people know about this book and the story behind it. When the book comes out let your friends, family, church, and the children’s hospital in your area know about it.
  2. Help us finance this project with whatever you feel led to contribute. Any amount is greatly appreciated.


  1. Email me at and let me know how you want to be involved.
  2. Any financial contributions can be sent to JosephMitlo@Jay-Mitlo on Venmo.


As we get closer to the book launch we will have a program for pre-purchase for personal use but also to equip churches and hospitals with our book. Stay tuned!!!

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