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I’m torn.  On the one hand, I am amazed and extremely passionate about how much God loves us.  I’m super saddened by how people miss this.  It is His Love for us that is so readily available on a macro level, “for God so loved the world...” (He sent His Son to pay for our sins, securing our eternal salvation) and on a micro level, “Jesus wept” (He cares for us as an individual as to how we feel…right now).  God is relegated to a place far too far away to far too many people when He is very near and working through others to love and Bless us every day.

**Note, I get that many of you are not Christians.  That’s cool, read on anyhow or just forward to the next **if you so choose.

Yet, on the other hand I have come to an understanding of how much my life is simply not about me, nor is yours about you.  If you are a Christian, you made a deal with God.  Basically you said, “Look Jesus, you clearly died for me so I will live for you.”  You have declared that have given up the rights to your life.  Yes, the bonus is that you walk and talk with the God of all creation residing within you through His Holy Spirit.  Ideally, you then go about taking His place loving and serving (and in the process being blessed yourself) those that Jesus would have (loved and served) had He stayed here.

That’s where I think I’ve come up with today’s title and post.  Your life, at this point, is simply not about you.  You died when you placed your faith in Him.  How many of your actions, prayers, yes even feelings fly in the face of this?  Granted, my current situation (that’s a heck of a word for it) has taught me this in the hardest of ways.  However, just because I’ve HAD to learn this doesn’t mean you can’t.

But, you say…”things aren’t going MY WAY….I mean, I didn’t think that this would happen to ME.   What I’m trying to say I WANTED things to look differently by now.  It’s MY LIFE and MY MONEY that I worked for at MY JOB.  I just wish that MY CHURCH didn’t x,y,z.  MY FAMILY, MY FRIENDS, MY MINISTRY, MY HEALTH, MY MY MY MY.”  Yes, my my my indeed.

What about HIM?  He was the one that you made the deal with.  You didn’t realize this at the time?  Ok, you have the freedom and ability to take (or continue to take) control of your life and do whatever YOU want.  Let me know how that turns out for you.

However, you very well may also be saying, “I’M never going to be good enough.  I can’t do this on my own.  I’M overwhelmed.  MY life is out of control.  I’M too tired.  I’M so alone.”  To you I say it’s ok, it’s not about you.  It’s about HIM and how He is good enough.  He will help you.  He will ease your burden.  He is in control (contrary to every bit of evidence to the contrary).  He will sustain you.  He will provide companionship.

You see, it’s not about you.

**But, you say, Jay I’m not a Christian…I haven’t and frankly don’t want to make that deal with God.  That’s fine, you certainly don’t have to do that.  I will tell you this however, there very well may come a time when you realize you can’t do it anymore.  God is drawing you in to Him.

I will now come full circle.  I began this post by saying that God is madly in love with me, and you, and everyone as an absolute individual.  He created life, He created you, He loves you, everything that He wants from and for you is what is best for you.  So, it may not be ABOUT you, but once you understand this it is by far the most freeing and comforting thing for you.

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