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I’m tired.  Sure, in general I’m a bit tired of well, being tired, but it’s more than that.

Bullying, politics, animal abuse, police brutality, police being targeted and attacked, half of any given story being sensationalized, emotional damage, relationships crumbling, etc.  I’m tired of it all.  We spoke of that last night in a meeting and I said that there is one hidden (actually not so hidden when you really let it go) blessing to it all.  Love shines brighter.

Oh, you may have read that as, “Blah blibbity blah blah.”  I get it.  It is cliche…ick to a certain degree but allow me to state my case.  Things are dark.  I speak of that personally (not only our continual grief journey but being surrounded by so much pain and suffering) and observationally.  This world is not heading in a healthy, peace filled direction.  Therefor, anything good, anything nice, anything lovely at all will stand out in a bigger and, yes, brighter way.

That’s where love comes in.  However it is manifested love will stand out more and more through said darkness.  Another sad part of all of this is that we make love and loving…harder than it needs to be.

Follow me.  Sit still.  Have your laptop, phone, tablet, landline, carrying pigeon or whatever at your fingertips and ready for action.  Quietly ask God, pray, (or think if you’re not the God fearing type) “Who needs some love?”  Then, listen.  It’s really simple at that point.  Whoever comes to mind reach out to them.  In context with their life tell them that you care, how you feel for them, what you pray/wish for them and tell them.

Boom, that’s it.  It may just be a text.  A quick word to someone in the middle of “the soup” can be a lifeline or just a reminder that someone is out there, that at bare bones minimum they are not alone.  It can be in depth and lengthy or incredibly short.  The point is you have taken a moment and loved them.

Now, take a look at what you communicate to the world.  How much is divisive?  How much is self centered (this coming from a guy who has a website that is named…after him, and yes, I just did that in the 3rd person)?  How much is political to a world that either agrees with you or completely disagrees with you but neither is changing anytime soon?  How much is outward and giving?

Now look, I get it.  You are not changing any time soon.  Further, you don’t need to change…everything.  However, what if you just made a simple adjustment?  What if you made one loving outward post, text, comment, etc for every normal one?  What if you just stopped, collected yourself, and reached out to one person per day?  Ok, how about just M/W/F?

Less anger, less, divisiveness, less sarcasm, less retaliation and more comfort, more peace, more appreciation, more support, more respect, more encouragement…yes, more love.

Than, watch how brightly that love will shine in the darkness that too often surrounds us all.  If nothing else, know that I and my family love you.

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