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Not rocket science.  Not Chaos Theory mathematics.  Maybe not as simple as Attention.  Appreciation, nonetheless is a top emotional/relational need and thus is the subject of my post today.

Appreciation is expressing thanks, praise or commendation.  Recognizing accomplishment or effort particularly for what someone does. (Colossians 3:15b; 1 Corinthians 11:2).  Yep, that’s it, that’s the list.

The thing that makes Appreciation tricky or to a degree slippery is consistent with all emotional/relational needs.  Some need it, some don’t.  Once again, Rachel and I are at different ends of the spectrum on this one.  As you might guess, if you’ve read anything about us here or know us outside of our new media world, I have a high need for Appreciation.  Rachel does not.  I’m pretty sure that I could go for a  year and not thank Rachel for doing the laundry (I don’t go without thanking her, but I could) and she wouldn’t even realize it let alone resent me or be hurt by it.  If, on the other hand, I stay at home Friday AND Saturday night so Rachel can do some shopping one night and go out with her friends another night and she doesn’t thank me?  I, at least will notice and be hurt to some degree and most likely share that hurt (hopefully in an open/honest/and vulnerable way).

Ironically, Rachel is wonderful at Appreciation, especially when receiving gifts.  She is simply the best gift getter in the world.  Give her a paper clip, she’ll genuinely be excited and thank you.  Me?  Weeellllllllll, I think I’ve become a whole lot better at it as I’ve “matured” over the years.  It does beg the question though…

What is Appreciation?  Not that I’m a Momma’s boy (I HAVE talked a lot about her recently) but for all that is good and holy she has always told me (and by always I mean to this very day!) to “Just say thank you.”  It can be that simple or it can be x,y,z.  Send a “Thank You” note, send “Thank You” Flowers, give them a call to say, “Thank You”, heck, even rent a plane and sky write, “Thank You!!!!” if you want to.  Just make sure to tell the person who gave you something/did something for you, “Thank You.”

She, the expert on Appreciation, would tell you that it’s not enough to tell them how great the word or deed was that they did for you.  It’s not enough (or necessary) to do back flips.  You don’t have to tell them how much you needed or wanted the item or deed to be done.  You can and it is nice to do so.  Just make sure that you say…”Thank You.”

So…thank you.  Thank you for joining me in this journey to equip our world on the importance and significance or emotional needs.  Thank you for taking what little time margin you have and choosing to spend it by reading and equipping yourself with what I provide.  Thank you for your support for my family as we go through quite the amazing time with Trey.  Thank you for being open/honest/and vulnerable with your own lives and incorporating what you have read into your daily lives.  I am so burdened by knowing what I know and realizing that most of our world (as defined however you’d like) is oblivious to it.  Thank you for giving me an outlet for teaching and blessing others.  I appreciate it.

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