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  1.  The battle between parent and child re: screens is horrific.
  2.  We can never underestimate the influence we have on other people.
  3.   We also cannot fret over the same thing.
  4.   I have met some folks in recovery from addiction lately.
  5.   When done right, they come through with amazing wisdom and awareness.
  6.   I have done 2 weddings in the last two weeks and two more in the next two.
  7.   I believe my record is around 13 – 0 (no divorces).
  8.   If I married you, don’t screw it up.
  9.   If I married you, my record should be the last reason you desire to stay happily married.
  10.   But seriously, don’t screw it up.
  11.   Weddings last about 25 minutes anymore.
  12.   The pictures after usually take about 4 hours.
  13.   Turns out that Tomatillo’s (that I cook with a lot) aren’t in the tomato family.
  14.   They are apparently in the Gooseberry family.  So they aren’t nightshades?  Hmmmmm.
  15.   I may have lost a few of you on the last one.
  16.   I asked Bella and Joe if they feel like they’ve lived two lives, one with Trey and one after.
  17.   They both quickly answered yes.
  18.   Not sure what that indicates.
  19.   I have been acting with Joe this week for VBS.  It’s been a real blessing.
  20.   I can’t celebrate it too much as Bella is left on the outside (figuratively of course).
  21.   I was grilling the other day and two neighbors told me it smelled great.
  22.   20 minutes later I was out 6 chicken thighs.
  23.   Marinating in orange juice and soy is so easy and delicious.
  24.   On Monday I will be starting my 21st season as head coach of the Penn Hills Girls VB team.
  25.   I have been blessed to coach so many great young women.
  26.   I wonder how many I’ve lost track of and in some cases completely forgotten, just sayin…
  27.   How different is “Just sayin…” from “Just saying…”?
  28.   When I look at the lives at the younger people I’ve lead, it’s amazing how old THEY are.
  29.   I continue to be amazed at how EVERYONE is battling something…all the time.
  30.   I am continually saddened at how many people feel like they aren’t doing a good job at life.
  31.   I am continually saddened that the most arrogant and narcissistic have no clue that they are.
  32.   I wonder if I hit the backspace button more than every other key combined.
  33.   Clearly I don’t or I would be typing backwards.
  34.   My backyard doesn’t get much sun.
  35.   That would explain why out of 6 tomato plants (that are 5′ tall or more) I have 2 tomatoes.
  36.   My front gets tons of sun.
  37.   That explains why I have 2 million zucchini and basil for days.
  38.   I also have a lot of tarragon but not a lot of use for it.
  39.   It’s been multiple years since I’ve had pop (soda for some of you).
  40.   I rarely miss it at all.
  41.   I say this a lot, everyone has two ministries.
  42.   One is what you do.
  43.   The other is who you are.
  44.   Your church should facilitate both.
  45.   Nurses are underrated.
  46.   I have won the battle with the raccoons over my garbage.
  47.   Now the moles that keep digging into my foundation…
  48.   I saw I guy at the store the other night whose license was suspended for a DUI.
  49.   When asked why he drove without it he replied, “It was only to the store.”
  50.   We all don’t always make good decisions.  Some do it less often.
  51.   Every day is an opportunity to help someone.
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