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1.  Can’t stand the “pop in” (unannounced visit).  Never could, never will, and I never do it.

2.  That being said, the phone/social media equivalent is the “contact/call me” post/message.  A little detail please?  My mind tends to wander.

3.  Getting rid of ranch dressing might be my next target to being more healthy.

4.  Even typing that makes me wonder if anyone is wondering if I’m hypercontrolling some aspects of my life since there are other parts I can’t control.

5.  Valid wonder.

6.  The Heinz mustard commercial is pretty funny.

7.  One significant Trey memory for folks from our church is when the song, “Hallelujah – Your Love Makes Me Sing” is played.  Very close to his passing, that song was being sung and he was in Rachel’s arms.  His arms were spread wide open and looked to the sky the entire time.

8.  You’ve heard me say that a day or two later he was sitting, doing homework, and singing quietly, “You can’t make me sing…”

9.  I say all of that (again) to say that one member of our church, Chuck, tells me every time we sing that song that it’s his favorite memory of Trey.  Each time he tells me that story he chokes up.

10.  Now, every time I hear that song I don’t just think of Trey, I think of Chuck too.

11.  That’s another example of how comfort works.  Chuck has, inadvertently, comforted me in regards to Trey.  Though that memory of Trey is not negative, Chuck’s tears remind me that I am not alone in missing Trey.

12.  I am super exited about our church and how we are growing by focusing on being God’s love to others and making it easy and comfortable to come to church.

13.  The next 12 months (at least) should be a very exciting time for Faith church and those we love.

14.  I made change for a $20 bill for one of our most senior of members the other day and promptly asked if his bill (that he was giving to me) was good.  He laughed, tapped me on the shoulder and assured me that it was.

15.  Ice tea, baked potatoes, salad, and country music are always better when you enjoy someone else’s.

16.  Trey spent a good bit of time in the back yard.

17.  Apparently, no one else does.

18.  I’m actually afraid to go back there.  Not emotionally, just not sure of what (or who) might be living or hiding back there.

19.  It’s not an “on suite” it’s a bath room.

20.  The picture above is of a Preying Mantis (5″) that found its way into our home the other evening.

21.  If it was guaranteed to eat every bug and spider in the house, would you let it stay?  Even if it were to occasionally cuddle in your hair or perch on your nose (in your sleep only).

22.  There is an amazing 50’s style ice cream, sandwich, soda shop at the entrance/exit of Presque Isle in Erie PA.  Would someone please open one of them near me?

23.  Joe and Bella came with me to our first home volleyball game the other night.  It has to be tough to not only be the Pastor’s kid but the head coach’s kid as well.

24.  It has been a bit of a transition going from our youngest child being in elementary school (kindergarten at the beginning of the year, 4th grade at the end), to not having a child at the elementary school at all.

25.  It’s not all bad as drop off and pick up is easier and quicker.

26.  Yeah, but still, we got 4 years older (in a way, as a couple) in no short order.

27.  Vagabonds, drifters,  “gypsies” if you will.  I cannot, will not, elaborate.  I’m just saying…I’m just saying.

28.  We talk about wanting time to stand still just so we can get away without the rest of life moving on while we are gone.  We wouldn’t have to take time off, wouldn’t have to wonder how the kids were, wouldn’t have to clear our schedules, just go.  That would be nice.  I’m not sure things work that way.

29.  Bella used the term “metaphorically speaking” in context, accurately, the other day.  The adult that she was with was pretty sure he kept up with her.

30.  Joe, was speaking with an adult at a party we attended recently.  The adult was at best “slightly under the influence” and at worst…maybe just that way.  It was awesome watching him stare at the guy and then just slowly walk away thinking, “Hmmm, I’m smarter than you…this is confusing.”


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