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The great calamity of the 2019 holiday season is upon us. No, it’s not that the Christmas decorations were out too early. No, it’s not that pumpkin spice is the best or worst thing to ever happen to sweet or savory. No, it’s far too early to complain about people saying “Happy Holidays” or “Merry Christmas” versus the other or something else.

No, it’s one of two things. It’s either…

  1. Why in the world did my community not switch trick or treating away from the terrible weather last night? or
  2. Why are people so soft and afraid of a little weather?

It’s been all over the internet on social and even conventional media. Some people are adamantly on one side of the discussion, others on the opposite. Like many social media blow-ups, both sides are vociferous. My question is this?

Why would you post that? To some degree I get why the first people post. They have kids, it’s a safety issue, they want more kids to come to their house to give them candy, etc. Why some of them feel free to assume that they are experts in public safety and municipal governance eludes me. Why they feel the need to shout down the other side befuddles me.

Why, though do you on the other side post what you do? You feel the need to stick up for…Halloween? You feel the need to represent your childhood and it’s less coddled nature? You want to toughen others up?

Don’t you realize that someone is making a post about their children? You realize that maybe they’re letting off steam? Why do you come back so quickly with a retort without considering that maybe you should just let them vent?

Granted, I think this about a lot of things. Politics comes to mind. Local school and community posts ring a bell as well. Can’t we give others the benefit of the doubt and allow them their opinion without having to counter? Why do we allow this convenient and somewhat secure (as compared to face to face communication) medium divide us and have us focus on our differences (of opinion at least) rather than our common interests/beliefs?

What if we just joined others in their emotions, if but for a short bit? What if we let them be and encouraged them along their way? I know a lot of people. I know A LOT about a lot of people. I know that there isn’t one of us who are living an unscathed life. I know that most of us have lives benchmarked by many a dumpster fire (mostly figuratively speaking) that has changed us forever. I know that we could all use some encouragement and support, let alone grace and forgiveness.

Now, perhaps if you’re quite astute and quick with the counter, you might accuse me of doing exactly what I’m accusing others of doing. Why don’t I extend grace and not make this post?

I KNOW why I am posting this. My goal is that we all slow down and look to lift others up. I judge no one for their actions/posts or beliefs. I know that we all operate and act out of the hurts of our pasts and present. I hope we can heal, and look to help others do the same….

…and stop complaining about trick or treating.

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