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  I was preaching at a church a few Sunday’s ago when a woman came up to me after my sermon.  She told me, “God kept telling me “Trust me” throughout your sermon.  I realized that He was not saying that to me FOR me but for you.  I don’t really ever hear Him that way and I certainly haven’t ever thought that God would give me a message for someone else.  I don’t know what it means (awkward pause) and I’m NOT saying that He is going to (2nd awkward pause) well…you know (indicating that Trey will be healed), and I’m not saying that He won’t.  I’m just saying that he wanted me to tell you to trust Him.”  She then walked away.
     I know enough about “prophetic words” (and we are NOT going down that theological rabbit hole…not on my website we’re not anyhow) that if they are generally encouraging and edifying it very well may be from the Lord.  If it is specifically telling you to give the other person all of your money there is a good argument against it being from God.  So, I filed it under “huh, how about that.”  I wondered if God was telling me that He was going to heal Trey.  We know He can and also know that odds are good that He won’t.  We have more of a Shadrach faith (look up Daniel chapter 3 in the Old Testament).  Yet, you don’t want to be in complete denial in case He does heal him.  I don’t want that glorious day to be clouded by a conviction of faithlessness.  Then, something incredible happened.
     Another woman came up to me and told me how her son was hurt when he was 20.  He lived for 26 more years with severe brain damage and passed away this past winter.  Her friend told her that it was an honor for her to be at her sons side for his first and last breath.  I hugged her and we both cried, for her…and for me.
     I was driving home when I realized what God meant for me when He said, “trust Me.”  You see, having been in ministry for years I’ve heard from many a Pastor talk about being at the side of someone who passes as being “beautiful.”  Yeah…I guess I could begin to imagine, in theory, how that is true but I also know that I was in no hurry of finding that out for myself.  Rachel and I are, to whatever degree we are able, resigned to the fact that we will be finding that out much sooner than we’d like.  I have even gone so far to wrap my hands and heart around Trey’s lot in life being what it is.  Yet, I can’t begin to imagine what THAT is going to feel and be like.
     It was then that the meaning of “trust Me”  hit me.  He was saying to not fear “that” moment.  Don’t fear those days.  Don’t…fear.  Trust Him that He will be there for us then as He is now.  Trust Him that He will do great things to us and through us then as He is now.  I don’t need to fear that day.  Will it be sad?  Yes.  Will it be horrible?  Yes.  Will there be grieving, mourning and comfort?  Yes.  However, we don’t need to fear it.  He will be there.  He will be there for me, for Rachel, even for Joe and Bella.  He will be there for all who love Trey.  We don’t need to fear.  We do need to trust Him.  I will…I do.
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