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I could write about the government shut down. Is there a national crisis on the border? Would a wall help? Are the democrats just playing politics since they voted for a wall just 5 years ago?

I could write about the media’s coverage of the Covington Catholic boys and what happened in Washington D.C.? I could write about the one person in that situation that NO ONE, conservative or liberal, media or individual, no one is talking about the African American Covington student that the adult Hebrew Nationalists were calling the “N word” and far worse. He is the victim that has been completely neglected.

I could write about these things. But I won’t. It just brings up so much anger and frustration with me and everyone that reads this. We’d be filled with comments that further alienate each of us from each other.

So, I shall instead write about the things that make me (and maybe us) happy.

  1. Puppies.
  2. Dogs.
  3. Kittens.
  4. A great grilled steak.
  5. Volleyball.
  6. Golf.
  7. Getting something out of my teeth that was stuck.
  8. Laughing so hard you can’t breathe.
  9. Crying with someone and knowing they know you care.
  10. Second sleep (when I nap on the couch after dropping the kids off for school) yeah, I said it.
  11. A fresh and crisply mowed lawn.
  12. Seeing other people buy in to loving other people by meeting their emotional needs.
  13. Hitting a softball or golf ball perfectly square.
  14. Coaching a close game and ending with a win.
  15. The Office.
  16. Fresh seafood.
  17. The beach.
  18. Fresh seafood at the beach.
  19. Cooking for people.
  20. Cooking fresh seafood at the beach for other people.
  21. Preaching.
  22. Being completely lost in worship, in the moment.
  23. Teaching couples how to love each other.
  24. The No Agenda podcast.
  25. Playing the game Quiplash with a bunch of people.
  26. Faith Community Church.
  27. Wings.
  28. Being a “different kind of Pastor.”
  29. Crisp fresh cut french fries.
  30. Universal Pizza’s Gluten Free pizza.
  31. Vacation.
  32. Living life with Rachel.
  33. Watching other people be surprised by how funny Joe and Bella are.
  34. Announcing the Penn Hills basketball games.
  35. Apologizing to people, even when I’m not wrong.
  36. When a blog post gets shared and goes (moderately) viral.
  37. Making the sign at our church funny but not corny.
  38. Dancing, especially with Rachel.
  39. Being quiet in a meeting, until it’s time to not be quiet.
  40. Roadhouse.
  41. Cooking meat.
  42. The video game “Worms-Armageddon.
  43. Our family prayer time each night, not so much each night, but that we do it each night.
  44. Mixed martial arts. (You know, UFC and things like that).
  45. Learning the stories behind certain fighters and watching them achieve (when most people think that they’re just animals).
  46. Going to visit folks in the hospital.
  47. Being at a concert when my favorite song is played.
  48. Bar Rescue.
  49. A fresh haircut.
  50. Going down a zip-line.
  51. White water rafting.
  52. Being the first person down a freshly groomed ski slope (it’s been awhile).
  53. Eating clean (no sugar, no grains).
  54. Big tv’s.
  55. Announcing the Penn Hills football games.
  56. Talk radio.
  57. Doing our new podcast “Lunchtime in Rome” with Eric and Brian.
  58. How the team leaders at Faith Church lead and serve.
  59. Hearing from and catching up with old friends.
  60. Chilli peppers (Poblano, Jalepeno, Fresno).
  61. Spices and spice blends that I create.
  62. Any story of redemption (hence Bar Rescue, Kitchen Nightmares, etc.)
  63. Guys Grocery Games, Diners Drive Ins and Dives, Guys Ranch Kitchen…just about anything Guy Fieri does.
  64. Leah Remini and her assault on Scientology.
  65. Supporting local restaurants like FUN, and Bites.
  66. Taking walks with my family, especially in the summer and in the snow.
  67. Good times when the family is all together.
  68. Comedians…even bad ones (though not political ones).
  69. Growing and using fresh herbs.
  70. When I feel like a sermon is just ok and people come up and tell me how much it impacted them.
  71. Yes, the long lost tv show “Cougartown.”
  72. Talking with friends (who can do this) that are different than me politically and in regards to faith.
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