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Bad news.  There’s so much of it and it’s so easy to pile on.  Gossip, slander, memes, snarky comments, it’s much easier being the holier than the thou.  However, there are good people.  There are good things.

My hometown is not exempt and even to a degree exemplifies this.  “It’s so sad to see how things have gone downhill.”  “It never used to be like this.”  “It wasn’t like that when I was there.”  These are very common statements made about my Penn Hills.  Other areas in Pittsburgh have bad things happen and the name of the community is found near the bottom of the article.  Something bad happens in Penn Hills and it’s in the headlines.  I (not really) believe that there could be a headline, “Man who once drove through Penn Hills murders puppies.”

I digress.  I don’t have quite as much beef with the outsiders view of Penn Hills as I do those who live(d) here. Is our town as vibrant, accomlpished, and populated as it was in the past?  No.  But one thing remains if not having advanced.  There are good people.

I give you one such example today.  Meredith was a volleyball player of mine a few years ago.  She was also involved in my minstry of YoungLife.  She has gone on to success in the retail apparel industry.  Despite all that she has accomplished, she chooses to live in Penn Hills.  Beyond that she has done something great for her hometown.

Meredith contacted me this fall about helping out our Linton middle school.  She now works for Ivivva, active athletic gear for junior girls.  Meredith and her staff were able to procure shorts for each of the girls on our Linton volleyball team and give them each gift cards.

Beyond that, they will be working with the girls on a program called, “Dreams and goals.”  It’s a way to get the girls to think beyond surviving lunch, math and study hall and plan their future.  They don’t just drop off product and move on.  They invest in their lives.

There are good people.  Meredith is good people.  Penn Hills is filled with good people.

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