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Yes, we have experienced yet another tragedy.  The shooting in Parkland Florida was horrific and shocking.  There can never be a rational explanation for such senseless violence.  Those involved can never get back what they lost whether it be lives or innocence or something in between.  We can never lose one more child to an act like this.  We can’t lose one more adult either.  Evil is so prevalent and at times just so brazen and arrogant.

So what do we do?  Almost a week later we are doing what we always do.  We find blame, we address the issues, we talk, we post, we hug our loved ones (until they forget their homework or forget to call when they are late to come home), we talk with those who we can have rational conversations with and post on social media about those who we cannot.  Then, we move on.

However, there’s a hidden danger in this tragedy and others like it.  It starts with addressing the problem(s), feeling powerless to change them (to a degree rightfully so), and then lashing out in frustration.  Let’s look at the problems.

Guns.  We have to have fewer guns and get them out of the hands of dangerous people.  This is a conversation that will continue in our society for as long as we exist as a country.  People are entrenched deeply on both sides and little will ever move either way.  There is so much money in lobby groups for both sides that they will all benefit in rallying for their cause resulting in not much happening.  If one side does gain some traction, it will hardly have the effect one would hope.

Mental health.  No one that does things like this is in their right mind.  Beyond that we have over medicated our society to the point where our youth are taking meds to compensate for the other meds that they’re taking to help quell the fear and anxiety that we tell them that they have (I’m not saying that depression/anxiety isn’t real).  There is so much money invested in big media, lobby groups and politicians that true healing and addressing these issues is near futile.

Government intervention.  The FBI, local sheriff’s office, the school, many knew about the volatility of this attacker and yet his dangerous vendetta fell through the cracks.  Governments, organizations, and people will always be flawed and will always make mistakes.

Video Games.  There is so much violence that we have young people who are completely desensitized to the consequences of their actions.

Social Media.  The veiled security of a screen discourages and mutes the impact of personal relationships.  We have a society of less and less citizens who can interact on a real level.

It is in that last one where I believe this hidden danger exists.  One of the main goals of evil is to take good, and divide it.  If you go back to the beginning of time (for you Bible believing folks) what happened when Adam and Eve sinned?  They were separated from God.  The same continues to this day.  Evil reared it’s ugly head in Parkland Florida.  In an effort to not feel so helpless, people take to social media to blast those that disagree with their solutions to this tragedy.  Even if they don’t openly blast those who disagree they disregard those who might think differently.  In all of this, love is lost.

Is our opinion greater than the relationship with someone else?  Are we putting barriers to effective relationships?  Are we letting THE enemy have a foothold in our anger that impedes our ability to be there for someone else?

Someone will prove me right by commenting on this and telling me how their cause needs to be addressed and that inaction/passivity is compliance.  I’m not saying to not have a cause and to not address the issues listed above.  We do need to protect our schools in much greater fashion.  We do need to have as least as much security at our schools as we do in any run of the mill downtown office building.  However, in supporting your solution I encourage you to look out for the hidden danger that lies within said reaction, and not lose your ability to be a voice for love.

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