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Rather than rip at your hearts with my thoughts on the recent tragedy in Newtown or be disrespectful by completely ignoring it, I am simply going to side step it for now.  I certainly haven’t chosen a light hearted topic either.  I have chosen to speak about the “back burner” social media hot topic (can I even say that in proper grammatic fasion?).

The end of the world is coming…the Mayans told us so.  For quite a while now there has been a fury over the Mayan calendar ending in 2012.  Movies were made, articles written, and faux panic ensued.  There were, though, a few early problems with the whole theme.

First, who in their right mind can give credence to a calendar written long long ago that was done in a language that few, if any, experts even feel can be truly deciphered?  Beyond that another somewhat famous historical document, the bible, says, that no one knows when the world will end.  I’m not telling you to believe in the bible, I’m just saying that one should at least give some credence to THE BIBLE when you are worrying about the end of the world according to a non decipherable ancient artifact.

Second, and on a more pragmatic level, the Mayan calendar didn’t include leap years/days.  Thus, the time that the world was to end had already come and gone.  Unfortunately, logic has no place in panic and manipulation.

Third, and most importantly…the Mayans were/are not the least bit worried!!!  Their greatest fear of the coming days is that tourists and New Age…ers (?) are coming and are going to over run their community.

Think about it.  Think about how much you have read, observed, and seen on t.v. about the Mayan calendar and the end of the world.  You may be thinking, “I really haven’t read all that much.”  Yet, how many different ways has this topic been intertwined into our media (television, movies, talk shows, news segments, etc.)?  It has been promoted at all angles.  It is entirely based on hysteria, hoopla, and hype.  Yet, it is given credence and has enabled people to be swayed, intrigued and even worried.  The bible is ignored, logic cast aside, and experts (the Mayans themselves) not consulted.

Our world is so broken yet we believe (or at least give serious thought to the potential thereof) that we’ve nailed down a date for the end of the world?  How arrogant!  We can’t manage our checkbook at home, let alone our governments, but we are going to spend time thinking about whether or not the end of the world is upon us based on something that is at least manipulated and at worst completely fabricated?

How many more important topics should be discussed?  What are the real topics that we should be focusing upon?  Mental health issues?  Economic collapse?  Dare I say…loving and healing?  Learning about what is going on in the Middle East?  What about more short term hot topics like gun running across the border (aka Fast and Furious) to our south or the governments response to an attack in Libya?  If our current media is not honest about the simple truth regarding the Mayan calendar why would you believe you are getting truth in regards to sensitive issues that really effect our lives?

Most sadly to me is that I do believe that there are those who are ecstatic that the people focus on these nonsensical issues.  It is an excellent diversion for the masses while those who really are in power (government, media, massive conglomerate business types) do everything in secret and lie about it in public.  I believe this is all a microcosm of a much greater issue.  People have no clue what is going on in the world, no one is telling them, they are being taken great advantage of, and are more than happy to just get by and follow along.

I’m no crazy black  helicopter conspiracy theory type freak.  For heavens sake, there is no need for the secrecy of black helicopters!  We can be lied to and manipulated and all we say is, “yes, we’re being lied to” with all the rage of a Tickle Me Elmo Doll.  Oh, and that brings me to another topic... no, Big Bird being fired was the real travesty…I forgot.

If I were 50 years older I would simply throw my hands in a forward motion and simply say, “Bah, I don’t like it.”  In fact, I will say that…and I don’t.

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