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**Disclaimer  (please read this three times before moving on) IN NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM AM I DISCOUNTING THE APPRECIATION OF, IMPORTANCE OF, OR VALUE OF YOUR PRAYERS!!!  Again, please read this three times before moving on.**

Ok, the title may have caught your attention, it may have also confused you, it may have even caused you to think that I have officially lost it or become super blogger grab attention at any cost guy.  The disclaimer as well may have tipped you off to which one wins without giving you much clarity.  Allow me to explain.

We post a lot…a lot.  We are very open, honest and vulnerable for many reasons.  Too open for some of you, many of may think that we do it to our own detriment.  That being said, we post and keep people updated on most every aspect of our journey with Trey.  Depending on the severity or significance of the situation we receive quite a bit of feedback regarding what we just posted about.  A large number of the comments are “praying” or a derivation thereof.  It is so humbling to know that so many people from literally every corner of the world (ok, north and south poles are lacking but that’s about it…thanks Santa) are taking their time and effort to pray for our YoungWarrior.

To a much lesser degree we get other comments.  Sometimes they are advice, other times anecdotes on how things have impacted them, and occasionally we get one like we got the other day.  We had shared some tough news and the person left a one word comment, “poop.”  I immediately teared and got choked up.

An interesting thought entered my head later that evening.  By simply typing “poop” they conveyed to me that they were disappointed, that they were sad, that this was not what they had wanted, hoped to hear or even prayed for.  “Poop” is exactly what we were thinking and feeling.  Romans 12:15 tells us “Rejoice with those who rejoice, mourn with those who mourn.”  Knowingly or not, this person was simply following the biblical directive laid out in Romans.  I choked up and teared because someone was their to share our pain.  I did not feel alone and, in fact, felt great comfort in knowing that someone else felt FOR us.

What I am saying is that to read the words “praying” and to read the word “poop” (as a genuine reflection of how the commenter felt) that “poop” was received by my heart much more effectively.  Why?  Again, it let’s me know that you were willing to give me your emotion.  You were willing to suffer with me.  That I was not alone.  One can pray for something but not necessarily join them in their emotion (I do it all the time, “Lord, be with them” or “Lord, if it’s Your will please  help them to feel better.”)  In all actuality, I may not even know what the person is in fact praying for or they truly understand what’s going on.  But to tell me how you feel and how you feel FOR me, now, I’m impacted.

I shall now sum up as time is of the essence.  Please please please keep praying.  However, if your goal is to help someone to not feel alone, to feel loved, to be comforted…if that is your goal (your goal may just be to let them know that you are praying) then ask yourself these questions, “How do I feel right now?  How do I feel for them?” and even, “What must they be feeling right now?”  If you convey any of the answers to these questions to the one who is hurting it will dramatically have a much greater impact on their healing/comfort.

**I typed all of this with a worried heart that some of you may take offense as to what I have conveyed.  You are all important to us and every comment is highly valued.  I just wanted to teach you how to help those hurting feel less alone and more impacted by your time spent praying and feeling for them.**

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