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I was thinking of posting on the topic of love.  I was thinking of posting about Trey.  I was thinking about teaching on the topic of comfort.  However, I may have covered ALL of these topics quite a bit lately.  So here is what I’m bringing you today.  Today’s post is a list (I do know that many of you love lists) of things that have filled my mind but are simply not capable of carrying an entire blog post.  I’m also quite sure that most of you won’t care about most of what I post.  Yet, there will be a few that will cause you to think/feel/agree/disagree/emote.


1.  I can’t stand the intrusion of government and the apathy of the average citizen.

2.  Baseball takes way too long to play (watch on tv, listen to, go to a game) and needs to be 25% faster…at least.

3.  There is nothing like hitting a golf ball or softball square on and releasing all of your power into it.

4.  I have no idea EXACTLY what constitutes diarrhea.  Consistency?  Lack of control?

5.  I love to creatively cook and wish I had a bigger knowledge base from which to create (spices, equipment, resources etc.)

6.  Laughing and making people laugh is as under appreciated of a thing that there is.

7.  A steak on sale costs less than a “value meal” at a fast food restaurant.

8.  When you are a parent: poop, puke, and pee just don’t bother you as much as it did before.

9.  Going from 1 to 2 kids was much more of an adjustment than from 2 to 3.

10.  I would love to sit down and talk with Dr. Drew and Adam Carolla.

11.  At least once a day I look at Rachel and think that we really take for granted how well we get along.

12.  I feel like I’m starting to get older and (gasp) look old.

13.  At most levels I still don’t really give a crap about the second part of #12.

14.  I know that almost every woman is never ever comfortable in her own skin and most guys are not aware that they have skin.

15.  I really wish that I could tell several talk show hosts (mostly sports) how much they have helped me survive many a trying day by simply being an idiot and making me laugh.

16.  I would desperately love to go back to Jamaica with Rachel for another vacation.

17.  If you are really, really, really famous today someone will forget your name on a history test 50 years from now.

18.  I believe that Dana White (despite all of his faults) will continue to take the UFC and MMA to incredible levels as a sport and organization.

19.  I believe we (as individuals) are to be much more prepared for a national (or regional) disaster (weather, civil unrest, cyber terrorism, etc.), much more, than we are.  I would love to have the money to have food reserves/generator/a gun or two/cash reserves etc.

20.  I really appreciate the talent that God has given so many people who have no idea that God gave them that talent.

21.  I would really love to be able to dunk.

22.  Given the likelihood of #10 never happening simply  knowing that he had read anything I have written and approved would be awesome.

23.  Government gets next to nothing correct and almost never changes…and is almost never effective.

24.  Mumford and Sons is a band that has several songs that make me cry every time I hear them.

25.  I’m to the point where I wear what is comfortable, matches, and I like.  I don’t care what Stacy and/or Clinton would say.

26.  That being said, I reserve the right to vehemently disagree (inwardly) with what others deem as comfortable/matching and looks good…for them.  Again, inwardly disagree.

27.  Dan Brown once said, “You have to try really hard to get two different grades…A’s and E’s.  Brilliant comment on education.

28.  I wonder what we KNOW now that will be irrelevant if not simply not true in the future.

29.  I find the fact that music consistently evolves to be fascinating.

30.  It’s really alarming that prescription meds are the #1 most abused drug and are readily prescribed by doctors.

31.  My lawn service guy was honest with me the other day and said to wait a week (after the snow) for the first application.  I will stay with them for a long time due to his honesty.

32.  I have noticed that the McDonalds by my house has started to try harder to get things right.

33.  If they announced that Taco Bell ONLY used horse meat I would not eat there any less.

34.  The woman next to me at Panera has emptied her purse onto the table twice.  I’m torn between being annoyed and broken hearted.  Mam, it’s just not in there.

35.  Just because an actor/actress or athlete  is great at what they do does not in any way make them brilliant or noteworthy on topics beyond the scope of their expertise.

36.  The Steelers and Penguins deserve the benefit of the doubt in regards to personnel decisions, the Pirates do not.  Either way, relax…it is just sports and those in power and control do know much more than you.

37.  Panera has a “secret hidden menu” that is Gluten free, Paleo, etc. friendly.  They keep it hidden so as to not make bread look less desirable.  True story.

38.  Having a baby is the most common thing you can do and yet the very most special.  My good buddy Scott Wagner said, “After all, everyone alive was born.”

39.  Solutions are much more often simple than complex.  They are just not what you want them to be and very often include you doing something.

40.  The MTV show “Buckwild” that to a degree followed “Jersey Shore” was totally different.  I found it to be very real and to a large degree honest.  I even think it made West Virginia actually look simple, fun loving, real, and beautiful…and not necessarily brilliant.

Please let me know if I left anything off of this list.  Given that this is a list of random thoughts I have to believe I have left quite a bit off.

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