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Just a few things running through my mind that I would like to share…

1.  Bill Cowher used to say that there was a “fine line” in football between winning and losing.  IF the Steelers had scored 2TD in the two possessions early in the game instead of a field goal and a botched hold of a field goal, the game MAY have gone much differently.  You add in the fragile mind of a pro athlete who is consumed with self and not team (generally speaking) and things spiral quickly.

2.  All that being said, the team is 3-3 with a lot of the season left to play.  Drastic changes in season rarely produce beneficial results and show shaky leadership.

3.  The parallels between that and our everyday lives are tremendous and probably hit too close to home thus resulting in fan bases drastic reactions to poor performances.  Looking at oneself and our own lives is far too painful and risky.

4.  Ever since my post last week on embracing the boring (paraphrased) I’ve had a good emotional run of it lately.

5.  There was a Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Pediatric Cancer Awareness and fundraiser at our volleyball match last Thursday.  In advance of it, a young (ish…I’m just getting older) reporter did an article about it.  He did a great job.  You can find it here.

6.  A couple of former players posted on social media in response to that article.  What they said moved me to tears and I will always remember that.  Thank you ladies.

7.  My brother-in-law R. DeFazio…no no, let’s protect his identity, Rich D. said to me about my quick comments to the crowd before the match, “Man, you really had everyone’s attention.  You could hear a pin drop in that place.”  I replied, “Yeah, that’s what I do.”  I wasn’t being arrogant (not intentionally anyhow though I see how that could be observed) but simply saying that is where my gifted lies.  That being said, it feels really good to be able to control something in my life during these turbulent times.

8.  Bella and I made a pork schnitzel (read: this sliced pork chops hammered thinner, breaded, fried, then lightly baked) for dinner last night.  Despite my frying inexperience, my overhandling of the “schnitzels” resulting in losing a lot of the breading, and my overzealous helper they turned out to be quite good.

9.  That being said it was totally not worth the work and waste of oil (especially given the negative healthiness factor).

10.  THAT being said, the time spent in the kitchen with Bella was priceless.  Especially since she didn’t get sick after sticking her finger in the buttermilk wash (she had never tasted buttermilk before) after we had dredged 8 or so raw pork chops through it (I had her go and gargle with mouthwash).

11.  Trey is fine, except that he is not.

12.  Joe  had a great day loving all of us (he did something for everyone just out of the goodness of his heart).  Now, if I could get him to be aware of his limbs and mouth (volume control and fake voices that drive me crazy)…

13.  That being said, after dinner he was laying on top of two pillows, on top of Bella, on top of our ottoman pillow thingy yelling, “die, Die, DIE!!!”  I put my beloved mother on hold and asked him to sit in a chair by himself for 5 minutes.  He did so quite obediently and we all moved on.

14.  Rachel is on her way to IKEA…shudder (her goal is bunk beds…that’s her goal anyhow).

15.  That being said, I’m not completely sold on the idea as bunk beds in a room where only one boy sleeps (if THAT happens) could be a taxing daily reminder for Joe…and the rest of us.

16.  I love the people of the church I have been called to lead.  I love how the Lord is speaking to me and their willingness to follow.  I love those who are coming aboard and joining in.  We have a, “we’re tired of playing church and want to truly make an impact in SOMEONE’S life…not just attend meetings” kind of feel about us.  Also a touch of, “We’re wounded, healing, and ready to go get those who are hurting.” as well.  Determined yet gentle.  Bold yet respectful.  Counter culturish but not radical for the sake of being different.  Godly (I hope).

17.  My heart breaks for those who know the right answers but are too wounded to apply them (myself at times included).

18.  I’m ever so grateful that God is well aware of #17 and is both cheering me on, loving me through it, and covering me with His grace and mercy.

19.  I could be addicted to hot banana peppers (fried with onions and maybe even mushrooms…if you’re making schnitzel).

20.  I’m going through a “why don’t we have THIS event?” creative bursts.  I wonder which one(s) I’ll actually do.

21.   Have a great week.

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