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Trey Tuesday – January 28, 2014


In 2 Samuel 6 King David was worshiping the Lord as he celebrated a return to fellowship with God.
David couldn’t contain himself!  He did nothing wrong in how he worshiped, it just didn’t appear as others expected!

Ever have that in your life?  Your actions or words being misinterpreted?
We are so very, very blessed to have spent last weekend with Trey and the extended Mitlo family at a military event in Washington D.C!  Festivities included attending a Promotion to Colonel ceremony of Trey’s Uncle Bob!  🙂  With Generals in our midst, protocol was of utmost importance.  Especially while the General was speaking!

Well….enter our very own Young Warrior.  He was simply growing weary of sitting still for such a long time, holding it together amidst cousins and grandparents and aunts and uncles and wide open spaces to stretch those energetic legs!  Like David, Trey couldn’t contain himself!  He did nothing wrong in how he breathed, it just didn’t appear as others expected!  Perhaps his impatient exhale was a littttttttttle loud and long and MAY have sounded like a yawn during the General’s speech…..but Trey meant no disrespect!  🙂  (Although, the audience certainly appreciated Trey’s good timing!)  🙂

Trey spent the rest of the evening laughing, playing, eating, playing, eating, dancing, eating, etc!  PRAISE GOD for this “sick” child living an undignified, unashamed, uninhibited life!  🙂

As we pray for Trey and his continued good health this week, please also take a look at your life and the health of your relationship with the Colonel/General/Chief/Lord of Lords/King of Every Army!  Do you live an undignified life for Him?  Unable to be still and quiet because you just have to speak God’s Name and share His Word and long to serve His people?

Thank you for joining us on Trey’s journey!  Please be praying for peace and wisdom as Jay and Rachel prayerfully prepare for a clinical trial meeting at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia next week.

“David said to Michal, “I will celebrate before the Lord. I will become even more undignified than this”  2 Samuel 6:22

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