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Hey everyone.  Thanks again for checking in to my website.  I hope and pray that all of you are well and managing alright after Sandy.  It is amazing to me how we can all be connected in this web world and yet have such different experiences.  In one moment, folks on the east coast are playing in the summer sun while those in the west are battling fires and trying to save their homes.  Weeks later, people in the west are preparing for a lovely Halloween evening while people in the east are wondering what to do with three tuna and a shark in their front yard.  It shouldn’t be such a great leap to have to come to terms with some folks bad days being caused by their newspaper being thrown on their flower bed again while others are saying goodbye to a loved one as they are laid to rest forever.  It’s just a very big world made smaller through our computers and phones.

As it is, here is a  recent post about Trey and a couple of  weekly prayer posts from my sister (who is trying to figure out how to get the smell of ocean out of her Pennsylvania mountain chicken coup and goat barn).  Thanks again for making this world just a bit more intimate.


Trey Tuesday – October 23, 2012

Turning the other cheek

We’ve all read the account in Matthew 5:39 or Luke 6:29:
“If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also.”
Ouch…both in pain and in pride!
What is God telling us here?  To  subject ourselves to abuse?
Hmmm…quite the opposite!
Think about what physically and emotionally must go on when you turn the other cheek.
First strike: your head gets whipped to one side.

We know God tells us to turn the other cheek.
How can you prepare to be struck again?
You must face the opposition head on….face to face…looking it in the eye!
Second strike: your head whips to the other side
Back to the beginning, eye to eye, expecting what comes next….more and more and more….
Fear and running away and anger play no part here, you see.

Just like Trey!
Strike One:  Cancer
Strike Two: Chemo
Strike Three:  Surgery
Strike Four: Weekly Treatments
and much more and many more in between!

How does Trey handle it?  With his usual charm and wit, of course!
Bathed in a generous dose of trust!
Rachel’s post from yesterday:
Monday night update! Thanks for praying, everyone!

Today went very smoothly and as we left Trey said “The hospital is SO much FUN!” Bless his sweet soul.Humanly unbelievable!  🙂
Keep praying, friends!
God hears!
“With God all things are possible.”
Matthew 19:26
Tuesday Afternoon Update: Two kinds of bedtime. Last night Rachel and I went into Joe and Trey’s room to check on them before bed. Trey is ALWAYS asleep at this point and rarely wakes up (only if he has taken off his diaper, peed in his bed AND we have to change the sheets, even then he doesn’t always wake up). So we were startled last night when we went in and he said, “What do YOU want? (with a smile on his face)” We asked him if he needed to go to bathroom and he replied, “No, I went in my pull up.” We were out of regular diapers that he only wears at bed time. He went to the bathroom anyhow and came back laughing with Rachel. He told her that she needed to sleep next to him on the floor and we bantered back and forth before saying goodnight. This afternoon I came home to find out that Bella’s cough had kept him from napping and that he was a little congested. She was finally napping herself and so he was almost asleep when I went in to check on him. He looked at me but said nothing. I stroked his hair as he fell asleep. I listened to his breathing. In through the nose, out through the nose, in through the nose…pause, partial soft gasp, out through the mouth in through the mouth, repeat. Yes, he was congested but productive and getting it done. He slowly drifted off to sleep. It was labored but effective. There very well may be a time soon (relatively speaking and yes, short of a miracle) where that labored breathing just ends. For now though, it just lead to sleep and rest. I am thankful for that. I am also thankful that you pray for him and all of us. It is important and very appreciated.
Trey Tuesday October 30th, 2012
Out of control… Hurricane Sandy and the path of her destruction…. An electronically dependent society stripped of electricity….
A multi-trillion dollar national debt…
A national election of epic proportions…
An epidemic number of children with diagnoses of special needs .. A sweet Young Warrior facing cancer and treatments and surgery…again…
Out of control!
Good thing God is Lord of A-L-L!! Thank you taking a few quiet minutes today to pray for Trey! Entrust Trey and everything else that burdens you to our Mighty Provider! Focus on Him instead of your situation!! “What is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.” 2 Corinthians 4:18
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