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The Affordable Healthcare Act is about to pass…or not.  Obamacare is going to be repealed…or not, or kind of.  The Pirates have an incredibly young and unproven starting rotation.  Matt Murray is not the same goalie he was last year but can the Penguins really just go with Marc Andre Fleury?  Bill Peduto has done a good job as mayor but many believe that he doesn’t truly represent the common man and is beholden more to corporate interests.  The Penn Hills School District is still in financial difficulties and tremendous cuts are still needing to be made.  More and more churches are focusing on themselves and less on the needy and spiritually seeking.  My bold stance on each of these and more…?

It’ll be fine.  I would be a terrible radio host.  I’ve thought that for years.  I listen to a lot (too much perhaps) talk radio and now podcasts.  I sometimes just don’t get it when people are so angry about certain things (especially sports shows).  Granted, I suppose I do get it.  Emotional hurts lead to anger, fear, guilt and self condemnation.  Those hurts leak and manifest themselves into other areas of our life.  Thus, we flip out about certain things when we are really upset about our power to change other things.  However, it seems like it wastes a ton of emotional energy.

You see, it will be fine.  That’s my take anyhow.  Whatever it is, it will be fine.  Fine may not be the right word.  Perhaps, “You’ll survive” is better.  Whatever.  I seem to rest in the fact that things end up ok, if not better. The elephant in the room is the fact that my son was diagnosed with cancer and subsequently died from said hideous disease.  “THAT didn’t end up fine Jay” no one would dare say but you might think.  Well, it is ok.  It’s not great, it’s not good, but we’re fine.

I think I got this viewpoint from two places.  One, I’ve seen a lot of crap in life and…I’m ok.  As I was planning this post I came across the second point.  My grandfather (on my mom’s side) was the quintessential “everything’s ok” guy.  He was in his thirties during the depression, rendered legally blind in his 30’s, lost his wife when he was 71, and yet was the calmest man I have ever met.  He lived into his 90’s and I never heard him raise his voice once except to cheer anything I ever did.  I once asked him about the depression and his response was, “Oh, you worked a week and were laid off the next.  It wasn’t so bad, you got by.”  Legally blind, he still walked to church every day.  One day a man stopped his car and said, “Get your @ss in the car.”  We asked him what he did.  He replied, “I got in the car…he drove me to church.”  When we asked him who it was he replied that he didn’t know.  It was fine.

I’ve said it before that when I talked with my Great Aunt Rosella about Trey and how people would say to me that they could never go through what I’ve gone through she would say, “Sure they can…you just do.”  She has lost so much in her life and yet she is rockin’ at 96 years old.  Is it always good?  No.  Is it always (or sometimes ever) what we want?  No.  Will it be ok?  Yes.  It will be fine.

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