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Two times a week I update this website with a blog post.  These posts can always be found in…well, the “blog” section.  Other days there will be updates on the home page that will vary from current event posts/thoughts, my interests (it is after all), pop culture reviews/conversations, and updates on Trey.  Today is an update from the blog “To My Audience Of One, written by my sister Cathy Mitlo Muscara.  Without further ado, here is her post from yesterday.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Good job!

While we watched the Steelers rally to victory over the Eagles this weekend, my daughter and I noticed a peculiar tradition.
Anytime a player did a great job at scoring or tackling or moving the ball down the field or stopping the other team
from moving the ball down the field, the team mates gathered around to show their support!
How did these tough men encourage one another?
The traditional pat on the back side of course, or a more assertive slap on the back, or the silliest of all:
crashing their helmet into the other player’s helmet!  “Good job!”  BAM!?
(Don’t even ask my mom about the Miss America tradition of mauling the winner with congratulatory!? hugs!)
Trey had a rough day yesterday with a stomach bug/reaction.
Trey had a BIG CT scan last week.
Joe and Bella live a unique life with a sibling with cancer, yet the very typical life of
being grade school kids with growing pains.
Jay and Rachel had decisions to make about surgery for a port for Trey.
How does Team Mitlo One rally?
With the same force as the Steelers, the same goal as the beauty contestants:
except in more spiritually acceptable ways!
* Storming the floodgates of heaven, praying for God’s blessings over Trey!
* Encouraging Jay and Rachel with supportive texts and calls and messages!
* Showering the Mitlos with meals and gifts and hugs!
Thank you, for being a key member of Trey’s prayer team!  Keep up the great work!  🙂
And how amazing that despite geography or age or even political persuasion
we can all be on God’s team!  🙂
“Encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.”
I Thessalonians 5:11


Now, in case you haven’t seen it on facebook, here is what happened with Trey yesterday at naptime:

Wednesday morning update: Well, Trey ate a full lunch yesterday. We then took him upstairs for his nap. Rather than nap he chose to take his puke bowl (unused, left there from the night before…just in case) and rake it across his bed frame (convertible crib) like a tin cup across a jail cell. After 15 minutes of that or so I went to the bathroom and then into his room to redirect his behavior. I see him holding on to the slats at the top of his bed. He is squatting down into a crouch position. Below him, on the bed is his puke bowl. As I realize that he has just successfully completed pooping into said bowl he turns, looks at me, and says, “sowwy daddy, sowwy”. I tell him how disappointed and angry I am with him as we go to the bathroom to clean the bowl and his bum (he did get all of the poop into the bowl and almost dead center). We show Rachel as we go past the bedroom and she tries hard not to laugh out loud. After I clean the bowl, and his rear end I take him back to nap. As I leave the room he says to me, “Daddy, leave the door open.” I reply, “Oh, does it smell in here? THAT’S WHY WE DON’T POOP IN A BOWL!” Maybe my life isn’t 90% like everyone else’s.


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