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I post directly from my heart and very often from my training and experiences.  Sometimes if not very often it centers around faith.  Some people, my mother included, don’t read when the topic gets too “heavy”.  This however has enabled me to make posts ABOUT my mother as long as I start them with a heavy tone, knowing she won’t be reading.  Either way, of all my heavy posts and the ones that take you…there, this is not one of them.

Derek Jeter is widely acclaimed as one of the best baseball players of his era.  He is known as the consummate captain and clutch performer.  Whereas most professional athletes are lambasted for their off the field interactions with the opposite sex Derek Jeter is never lumped in with them.  Granted, he is not married and thus has never cheated on the spouse, that, he, doesn’t…have.  Yeah, blogging history made here.

He says very little and does not kiss and tell.  Oh, don’t get me wrong he has had his share of very famous errr…uhhhh, companions for an evening or two.  Yet, when they say that he is classy and professional, they are not just referring to his play on the field.  When he goes on a “date” and then to avoid exposing his date to having to go home late at night, he very often will have an old fashioned sleep over.  The next morning rather than making her do the old “walk of shame” he orders a car for her.  In the car is a gift basket.  Yep, there is no “love’m and leave’m” with this guy.  It’s “love’m and send them home with a gift basket.”  (For those of you not so web savvy go ahead and and click on the words “gift basket” and read the article).

Now…I could, could take this to a moral level.  Yeah, I’m not going to do that.  I could take this to a personal level in the way that I just can’t imagine a: being single, b: having a one night stand, c: having multiple one night stands with different women.  Nope, not going to do that either.  Rather I am going to make one point.

What the crap would I put in a gift basket for my sleep over buddies?  Derek Jeter puts signed baseballs, Yankee memorabilia, and jewelry in his baskets.  I would put…?  Pepsi One (not everyone’s cup of tea)?  A “Play for Trey” t-shirt (bit of a buzz kill I’d have to guess)?  How about a 5 hour energy (might confuse her)?  A steak (cooked, uncooked, grilled)?  These are all my equivalents to the Yankee stuff but just don’t seem to have the same worth as his goody basket.  Think I’m pathetic?  What would you put in yours?  I apologize, what do OR would you put in yours?

So, I guess I’ll stay very happily married and not venture into the one night stand gift basket realm.  My interests just don’t translate all that well.

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