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You knew a list was coming…

  1. I would really like Golden Corral to be better.
  2. It’s going to be cold sooner than later.
  3. I’ve had two fires in the pit that I built and nothing has exploded.
  4. I’m going to be doing a marriage thingy/event/class/group thingy once a month on Friday’s.
  5. I have to come up with a good enough name that men will come.
  6. I’m thinking “Make that Annoying Reoccurring Fight Stop.”
  7. With summer over, I’ve resumed working on the book about our journey with Trey.
  8. I’m pretty sure I’m going to do a kickstarter campaign and self publish…maybe.
  9. It was harder to speak at the soccer field dedication for Nate than the Children’s Hospital event for Trey.
  10. When I think of death (not often, no headlines here) I think of how Trey will greet me.
  11. It’s a weird positive side effect to his passing yet always makes me cry.
  12. I finally made some good breakfast sausage.
  13. I love hearing meat squirt as it goes through the grinder.
  14. Bear Grylls uses the phrase, “Commit to it” a lot.
  15. I absolutely love that.
  16. The worst house in our neighborhood (directly across the street) is being flipped and is now as nice as any other house on our street.
  17. I have come across several if not many memories in the book that I/we had forgotten about.
  18. That alone is a good enough reason to finish.
  19. Trey once late at night, after being told he could not “go to the potty” one more time (he had about 5 false alarms), backed into our bedroom, on all fours, with his diaper off, with his rear end up in the air.
  20. I’m excited to resume announcing.
  21. I used to have a Mumford t-shirt.
  22. No, not Mumford & Sons…Mumford Athletic Dept. from Beverly Hills Cop
  23. I took my dad to the hospital for an exploratory procedure (he’s fine…ish).
  24. He was much nicer in recovery than Trey was.
  25. Mo Rocca (My Grandmother’s Ravioli) is really funny and a great host.
  26. Giada is still more attractive but makes me want to stab a kitten when she over pronounces Italian food items like “PanCHETTAHH” and “PASTAH.”
  27. I want to tell everyone that whatever it is, it will pass, and be with them throughout.
  28. When I told a woman that I was working hard at not judging…those who judge, she almost fainted.
  29. I still want to travel Route 66 and eat at all of the awesome unique places.
  30. Those at the highest places (bosses, leaders, famous) are so often the loneliest.
  31. I am not lonely.
  32. I am not at a high place.
  33. As an Eddie Murphy fan I am praying (ok, not really but I’d really like) for Mr. Church to be as good as it looks like it is going to be.
  34. Sweet Potato hash, started on the grill makes it a whole lot better.
  35. Dillner Family Farm potatoes quartered, grilled with olive oil/basil/salt and pepper?  Real good.
  36. So good that the kids didn’t even think of asking for ketchup.
  37. Joe, Bella, and I saw a Phineas and Ferb that totally brought back a classic Trey memory.
  38. I listed favorite 7 movies and tons of people commented.
  39. I can’t imagine putting together a top 7 tv series.
  40. I told you I’d never end on an even number.








41.  Still haven’t.

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