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Well, THAT escalated quickly.  I knew it would generate attention but I didn’t quite realize that it would grow to those proportions.  As it is, there are a few things I’d like to expand upon, clean up, explain.

  1.  My heart is heavy for the whole situation.  My heart is heavy for the students of both schools.  My heart is sad for the underlying cause of this saga, racism and prejudice.
  2. Almost all of the responses I have received have been supportive and positive.  While many of the negative ones have been from Connellsville, not all of the comments from Connellsville were negative.  There were more than few that gave accounts of similar experiences that they have witnessed within their community.  Some were very personal and first hand encounters.
  3. That being said, I’m well aware and sure that the predominant amount of people there are good, solid, and loving people who should not be lumped in with those who are not.
  4. Many people argued about the original claims of racist remarks while my post last week was focused on the response by Connellsville administration and the WPIAL.
  5. I have been overwhelmed at the stories I have heard from parents, alumni, and strangers about their negative experiences involving racism at sporting events.
  6. In each case, they were told, “That’s just how things are.”  Nothing was done.
  7. There are other stories that I can’t share that would move you to tears…in a good way.
  8. The thoughts and kindness from the Plum Volleyball team were greatly appreciated.
  9. Further, the coaches shared that they had experienced similar situations while in high school and wanted to reach out.
  10. The fact that my girls played as well as they did Thursday against Plum is a testimony to their strength and resolve.
  11. I am so blessed by the support of our AD, Administration, Superintendent, School Board, and community.
  12. How ironic that several people online, while defending Connellsville, called me a “Liberal snowflake that is easily triggered by white guilt”…and things like that.
  13. If you know me, or even if you kind of know me, you would not agree with that assessment and even vehemently disagree.
  14. The irony lies in while arguing that there was no prejudice in Connellsville, they pre-judged me based on our decision to not play.
  15. I’m saddened as well by the amount of time people, who don’t know each other, argue online thinking that they will win or change the others’ opinion.
  16. I stated this several times but our decision was made primarily with my girls, these girls, this year, in mind.
  17. The fact that it has helped, given voice to, and even comforted others is a bonus.
  18. Some of said that we accomplished nothing by this decision.  The fact that an entire city was discussing racist remarks at sporting events and how we handle them is a win.
  19. The fact that these girls realize that someone is listening to them and cares for them is a win.
  20. The fact that people rallied around our girls and blessed them is a win.
  21. Some have said that we should have gone anyway, to not live in fear.
  22. Again, what we decided to do (moreover not do) was not out of fear but principal.
  23. We chose to face them the week before and be classy as we competed.
  24. If we just went there and competed last week, nothing would have been gained.
  25. I was asked by WTAE what it would take to play Connellsville again.  I replied, “Scheduling.  There are many days between this one that that.  What we decided to do was for today and today only.”  I stand by that.
  26. Some have said that our decision has caused a lot of harm in the Connellsville community.  While that saddens me I would ask that they look at how this could have been avoided and how Connellsville has handled it.  No further proof needed than the report on WTAE.
  27. There needs to be more people like Joseph Cottom in this world.
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