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It started simply enough.  We bought a house.  Fifteen years ago we bought a house.  We were told by the previous owners that it was a bit of a wildlife preserve.  Being in a suburban/urban setting I found it a bit of a stretch to say that but he was hard selling the house at this point so I dismissed it.  Sure enough, over the past 15  years (hmmm, if we’d have gone with a 15 year mortgage instead of a 30 we’d be done now…broke, destitute, but done) we have seen lots of different examples of wildlife.  We’ve seen squirrels, deer, groundhogs (and their babies), racoons (waaaaay too many, demon-animal), chipmunks, snakes (not many), mice, rats (outside…when we had two dogs), fox, bats, dogs, cats (one of which had kittens on our property), even heard an unidentified large heavy footed animal snort that had to be a coyote/wolf (reported to have been seen as little as 3/4 of a mile away) or wild boar (less likely but more what it actually sounded like) run past our window, and birds of all kinds (pigeons, song birds, hawk, swallows, owls, turkey vulture (HUGE BIRD), and now…a turkey).

Yes, a turkey.  Many of you have already heard of and or met “Bobbi.”  Bobbi came into our lives just over a month ago and hasn’t left.  Many of you also know that my lovely bride Rachel hates…hates…as in, HATES, all birds.  Oh, she felt bad when I dropped a brick on an injured bird that was mostly dead (granted, I kind of missed and all I hit was the top of it’s head which caused it’s eye to squirt out…yet, I digress).  That being said, she HATES birds but will tell you that the turkey is straight from the devil.  She will say that they are dumb, dirty, disgusting, slow, contagious (as in they attract others), socially and personally unaware, and knowingly taunt her.

Originally, she wanted this turkey dead and even spoke with my nephew and neighbor about offing the bird.  When she didn’t put the official hit out on the member of the Butterball Family I knew it was only a matter of time.  She still feared Bobbi but started to get caught up and allowing Bobbi to seem less devilesque.  Perhaps it was the cute footprints in the snow.  Maybe it was the regularity of her schedule or how she would seemingly wait for Rachel by the van EVERY time she wanted to leave.  It could be because she hasn’t mulitplied or sent for the relatives (yet…mind you, yet) and seems lonely that Rachel’s heart has begun to thaw towards the bird that would eat her and your young if given the chance.

However it started, this very morning we turned a page.  Oh, Rachel pointed out that it was cold outside and I…that I would not want a dead turkey in our yard.  She maintained that she just doesn’t want Bobbi to sprint into the house when we open the door.  Now…this.  Rachel asked me if Bobbi would mind cinnamon.  For whatever reason(s) my beloved better half, just fed Bobbi Cinnamon Toast Crunch.  It’s over.  What happened next is amazing.  Bobbi thanked Rachel and said this.  The video doesn’t match the audio but it was clearly Bobbi thanking Rachel for the cereal…and love…and acceptance.

This Holiday season, maybe you too can change.  Maybe we can all change.  If we can all just follow the courageous example set forth by my beautiful bride and her former foul fowl foe the world would be a better place.



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