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I salute you.  Yes, in very short order, thousands of  students are going to dance in a marathon to raise money to defeat Childhood cancer and to assist, love and support those families stricken with this disease.

Many of you have said that you are dancing for Trey.  You are not.  Yes, I have said that he is dancing with and far above you and that is true.  You have said that you are dancing for all those who have gone before Trey and all those that are walking through the same path that he travailed for 4 years.  You are not.  You have said that you are dancing for all of those babies who will be diagnosed and the parents and families that will hear those words that no parent should ever hear (that we heard on December 24th, 2010) “Your child has cancer.  You are not.  You have said that you are dancing to find a cure for cancer.  You are not.

Trey did not lose his battle with cancer.  He completed it on November 5th 2014.  Remember to never give cancer more credit or power than it deserves.  It is at its worst an horrific tool of the devil aimed to steal, kill and destroy.  However, it is quite simply a canvas for God to paint his Grace, Love, Comfort, and the most precious gift of all…Life.

“But,” you say, “it took Trey too soon.”  Perhaps.  Yet may I ask you this?  Is it better for Trey to have lived 6 years impacting thousands upon thousands of people in great and mighty ways or to live a life of relative anonymity, selfishness, pain and suffering that so many endure?  I miss him so dearly but can’t imagine a parent being more proud of their child, no matter the number of years of their life.

So…you dance.  For what?  For LIFE!  You dance to celebrate the gift that life is.  You dance to honor the life of all of those who now know how precious it is for each day is a blessing, honor, and by no means a guarantee.  You dance because their dance (those who have passed) ended quicker than yours.  You dance because cancer continues to discourage and it is in your efforts that encourage life to be lived.

You will tire, so will they.  You will grow weary, so will they.  You feel that there is no hope, in times so will they.  Yet…you dance.  You go, and celebrate life.

For those who are about to dance…I salute you.

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