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Let me be perfectly clear.  I do not like the prototypical/stereotypical/cliche’ post or news story.  I grieve for the poor news guy who has to go out on Black Friday and roam the mall parking lots or the reporter who has to go out and interview the annual polar bear freezing cold swim in the river people.  I go so far as to bemoan the sermon series of the month club that follows the calendar more than the Holy Spirit.  No, I don’t like the low hanging fruit easy pickings posts that overwhelm the blogosphere this time of year.

Sooooooooo, you’re making a news years resolution huh?  You’re serious about it, you’re committed to it, you actually need to do it, you may or may not believe that you can follow through, you are doing it ceremoniously on a whim, you have no intention of following through…whatever.  Being that I care for you and hate to see failure I want to throw out a heads up.

Previously, I posted about where hurt goes in our life and how hurts fuel so many of our destructive behaviors.  Now, here you are only focusing on the destructive behavior.  I am concerned on a sliding scale balanced by your desire to change.  If you need to change, really want to change, are desperate to get rid of a negative behavior then I am very concerned and burdened for you.  The reason why is that you are destined to fail.  Sorry, blunt truth of the New Year #1.  There is a reason why you do what you do and the fuel is the hurts in your life that you have absorbed, not have comforted, and or ignored from the get go.

So, feel free to make them, do your best to follow through with them, be prepared to fail at them (again…sorry), but know that the first resolution you should be making is to look at the hurts in your life and see if there is anyone in your world who comforts you.  If there isn’t anyone, you have to have one…soon.  Take some time if you have that person and go over some lifetime hurts.  Write a therapeutic letter and read it to that someone in your life who comforts you.

If you don’t do this, odds are you will fail.  If you fail, who will you blame?  Most likely yourself.  You will get a really unhealthy dose of self condemnation…which hurts.  Having no one to comfort you it will only serve as more fuel to burn the negative behavior that you set out to eliminate in the first place.

Now that I have let you in on how much I don’t like theme posts, and then posted one, I will have next post be on how much I can’t stand hypocrisy (irony intended).

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