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  1. Getting food out of your teeth that has been stuck for too long
  2. Paramedics (the number one most underrated profession)
  3. Post beach shower – Bella
  4. Perfect cracking of your back – Rachel
  5. Balancing your meal to finish with the perfect bite
  6. When someone else likes your obscure favorite show
  7. When that sneeze finally arrives – Rachel
  8. A fresh cut lawn
  9. Seeing and appreciating grills/soil/pool equipment for sale at the stores in the dead of winter
  10. When you see someone that you fear wants to talk to you and they walk right on by
  11. Grilled cheese and tomato soup (old school, nothing fancy) – Rachel
  12. Someone (another family member) filling your tank of gas
  13. Perfect water temperature for swimming
  14. Waking up to a thunderstorm, then going back to sleep
  15. Hearing a song that “bops” on the radio – Rachel, quoting “the kids”
  16. A good caulking performance
  17. When the racoons DON’T get into your trash
  18. Being the first to ski down a groomed slope
  19. When your ear pops – Rachel
  20. Finally getting to sit down after a long day – Bella
  21. Getting to sleep in your bed after a vacation – Bella (Rachel agreed)
  22. The ride home always being shorter than the way there
  23. Toast – well, at least from the perspective of a gluten free guy
  24. Clean sheets are appropriately rated, but what about a fresh clean towel?
  25. A good personable but not overly chatty waiter/waitress
  26. Good friends. Although appreciated, they are often UNDERapprecitated
  27. Chris Davidson – Lia (Joe’s girlfriend)
  28. Inside jokes
  29. Dry humor – Joe when asked for his list of underappreciated things, “All things are appropriately rated”
  30. Shoes that fit right and don’t wrinkle under the tongue or mess with your socks
  31. DVR and streaming television options – kids today have no idea
  32. Saltines
  33. Not ending your lists with an even number
  34. Finding a snickers bar in your freezer – Jason Smith
  35. Money in your winter coat – Eric Hammond
  36. When a song ends when you arrive at your destination – Eric
  37. Calcite – Dan Leppold
  38. Clean kitten smell – Dan
  39. Firecracker smell – Dan
  40. Play-doh smell – Dan
  41. Sound of a distant carniveal – Dan
  42. Smell of Sticky Bumps surfboard wax – Dan
  43. Your favorite Christmas ornament – Dan
  44. Stained glass and the rising sun – Dan
  45. Sound of wind moving the leaves of a tree
  46. Easy Cheese – Dan
  47. Plastic warp that actually sticks to what is being wrapped – Becky Fenoglietto
  48. Opening a new jar of peanut butter and that first scoop – Leslie Power Septak

Please leave a comment and let us know what we left off of the list.

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