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I do apologize for not posting for the past two weeks.  My website host server thingy pooped and forgot about cyber something and updated but left a bunch of posts by the way side and all in all I was able to repost the missing posts and voila’, here we are.  So, since several of you asked…a list post.

  1.  Those who help me with the site worked hard to get things back and up to date.  I very much appreciate all that they do for me.
  2. Things at church are amazing.  I can’t believe the lives that we are blessed to be a part of.
  3. Even without a win yet, this season of girls volleyball has still been tremendously rewarding.
  4. I tweeted to Food Network Star Alex Guarnaschelli since she won $40k for Alex’s Lemonade stand.
  5. I, of course, told her about Trey.  She retweeted that 4 minutes later.  Pretty cool.
  6. I keep making a really unhealthy, really hot, delicious jalapeno dip.
  7. I wish it was less spicy so others could eat it.
  8. I wish it was healthier (less unhealthy) so I could feel good about eating it.
  9. Even though things are going great for the most part, it’s sad and at times empty without Trey.
  10. Being very simple and telling people what you appreciate about them is amazingly powerful.
  11. Not to brag, but I’ve been doing my physical therapy exercises on my crappy broken down shoulders every other day since school started.
  12. I think I might just trade up from my 2lb. purple weights to some green 3lb’ers.
  13. Don’t be intimidated.
  14. Rachel push-pressed 100lbs. 9x the other day.
  15. Remember when it’s 20 degrees in March that it has been 80 in late September.
  16. We are not cemetery people.
  17. I very often feel like going up to Trey’s site, we’ve never been.
  18. However, I don’t…he’s not there.
  19. We will be giving Joe and Bella the opportunity to see it if they’d like…we suppose.
  20. How long has the energizer bunny been around? I’ll bet longer than we’d think (just saw a commercial).
  21. We had a tree limb fall on the electrical wires behind our house last night.
  22. At 5:30 they said it would only take a couple of hours.
  23. At 8:30 they said it would only take a couple of hours.
  24. The did get done…at 3:45 am.
  25. Do you know how hard it is to make sweet potato hash on a grill in the dark?
  26. The tree subcontractors were in my back yard, one standing, one in the tree, one sitting on my fire pit.
  27. I brought chairs for the two who were on the ground and talked with them for an hour.  Ridiculously fun.
  28. We are converting a multipurpose room in our church into a coffee house for a relaxed 9am service.
  29. It will be perfect for those who aren’t comfortable going to “church.”
  30. Whereas some aren’t ready to let loved ones who have passed go, I don’t want to hold on to Trey.
  31. He did his time and is rightly in Glory.
  32. Joe just earned a stripe in his second adult class of Jiu Jitsu.
  33. Bella is practicing with both her age group and the older girls as well.
  34. Yeah, I’m kinda proud.
  35. I pray for and wonder how much our battle with Trey has impacted them…all of us really.
  36. I’ve been gluten free for the past 2 months (thyroid/immune reasons).
  37. Yep, I feel about the same.
  38. I never thought that my hot peppers would still be growing into October.
  39. I have again witnessed Penn Hills (my hometown) love some people who have gone through the worst and hardest time of their life.
  40. I beg and pray that we would treat each everyone that way…every day.
  41. I’ve got a meat grinder, meat slicer, emulsifier, food processor.  This Christmas I may go vacuum sealer.
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