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It’s a proven reality.  People like lists.  Oh, not “to do” lists.  They are spawn of the evil one.  Yes, you obsessive compulsives out there are ready to stop reading right now.  C’mon, itemscratcher push through.  No, people like to READ lists.  Having been a little heavy on the teaching about emotional/relational needs front lately, I figured a list would lighten up the read a bit.  So, here are “Things that aren’t quite post worthy in an of themselves but collectively could make a good post.” or


1.  Pho (prounounced PHAW) is a Vietnamese noodle based soup that is sold in upscale hipster restaurants for $19.  However, the chicken may be marinated with ginger.  I don’t like ginger.  The waitress called it “a good pick up” that I tasted the ginger.  I’m glad she was impressed.  I’m sad that there was ginger.  I didn’t like the Phee Phi Pho or Phaw.

2.  I like to use the “C Card” for positive means as well.  For example I told one of the lifeguards at Great Wolf Lodge just as Trey went down a slide (before I did), “Hey, if you ever feel like your job is meaningless that is my son.  He has cancer, doctors say it’s terminal.  He is having the greatest time and you have helped him enjoy his day.  Thanks.”  Then swoosh, down the slide I go.

3.  I just don’t like to go into pools.  Even when it’s really hot and the pool isn’t all that cold.  It’s not a germ thing or anything like that.  Just not a fan.

4.  I love hot tubs but they have to hot, really hot.

5.  Every day that Trey is not “symptomatic” is a tremendous blessing but makes it harder and harder to remember that he does have cancer…bad.  This can be very tiring and confusing.  I refuse to be blindsided some day in the future but also refuse to mourn before it’s time.

6.  Hot banana peppers sauteed with onions (and perhaps sweet peppers) are a great staple of mine in the summer.  Sauteed with chicken breast/mushrooms and white wine over pasta?  Sure.  Cold on a sandwich with leftover sirloin tip and provolone cheese?  Yes.  On a pizza?  Absolutely.  It’s just good.

7.  Thunderstorms and laying in bed are right there with the greatest things ever.

8.  I’ve got something in my head/heart/psyche that keeps me from doing a lot of things that I wish I would do.  I have different ideas as to what it is and what to do about it.  However, irony obvious, I haven’t started to “fix” it yet.

9.  Chris Weidman knocking out Anderson Silva is a great thing.

10.  I love to host and cook.

11.  I am my worst critic when it comes to cooking.  In most other areas of my life not as much.

12.  Customer service reps slowly steal my soul.

13.  I am really proud of so many people that have come through my life and I have been blessed to have some impact on them.  Granted that was a poor sentence (grammatically speaking) but there are some amazing people that I have been so blessed to be a part of their life.

14.  Adam Carolla and Jay Mohr are beyond hilarious when they are together on a podcast.

15.  Staying on top of Joe and Bella’s emotional well being and checking in on (or finding out via something they offer) how they are dealing with Trey is a daunting puzzle filled with emotional worm holes.  It is challenging, exhausting, and at times gut wrenching.

16.  Joe and Bella love watching Full House, for some reason.

17.  “1st course and 3rd course” are still an appetizer and dessert…sorry.

18.  Wrestling hard with the kids the other day I got crushed in the back of the head/neck with a knee (accidentally…I think).  Although I did kind of almost black out I didn’t get angry…which is progress.

19.  Disney radio did not exist when I was a child.  For that I am thankful.

20.  Some people in life give off energy and make you feel good just being around them.  Others are the exact opposite.  I’m not saying the one group is nice and the other mean.  They just give off an unidentifiable vibe/energy.

So that’s it, that’s the list.  Thanks for stopping by.


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