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No, it’s not a list of things I want. It’s a list of things I think.

  1. Christmas is a lot and yet just passes by so quickly.
  2. The magic of Christmas just cannot be replicated as an adult.
  3. Yeah, seeing Christmas through your kids comes close…but it just isn’t the same as that beautifully innocent time from your youth.
  4. I went shopping for a gift for the family, kind of an annual “bonus” gift outside of their lists, with some money in my pocket. I came up with nothing.
  5. We are so blessed that there really isn’t anything we don’t have.
  6. New windows, new tile in the kitchen, leveling the foundation that is sloping are things I can’t buy and wrap.
  7. I have recently gone over notes from some training that said you shouldn’t tell your kids what to say in certain circumstances.
  8. The reason is that they will say what they’ll say (not what you said to say) and then feel shame for not saying what you said to say.
  9. I told Rachel about this and she said, “Well, I sure don’t do that well.”
  10. We love to laugh at ourselves.
  11. I am so excited to prepare a leg of lamb and a rib roast for Christmas.
  12. I really miss hanging out with my best friend from high school Dan Leppold.
  13. Kodak is so popular in today’s hip hop culture.
  14. I really, really, really, don’t get it.
  15. If you’re thinking about camera’s, you won’t get it either. Kodak is a dude.
  16. I am so excited about the podcast that Brian Herr, Eric Hammond and I are doing called Lunchtime in Rome.
  17. I am so blessed to have friends like that and it makes me sad that a lot of people don’t.
  18. I laugh at how there are some things in my kitchen that I never use yet I give them prominent space.
  19. There are some things that I have relegated to lessor spaces (or even the downstairs pantry) but others remain (and need to be moved).
  20. I’m really looking forward to having the kids home from school.
  21. I’m also looking forward to them going back…it’s a cycle.
  22. When I preach on Christmas Eve it’s always the toughest sermon of the year.
  23. I have guessed that it’s because there are so many visitors who don’t know how to handle listening to me (I’m kind of a different Pastor).
  24. It’s also because it’s at night, dark, cozy, and after a nice Christmas Eve dinner.
  25. I think the fact that Christmas doesn’t come at the half way point in the school year makes the rest of the year draaaaaaag on.
  26. I wonder if someday I’ll start a “pop up” dinner club.
  27. There’s no way I’ll ever open up my own diner but maybe…just maybe.
  28. This is the last year for the ginger bread house display at PPG Place in Pittsburgh. It’s always great looking for the one made for Trey.

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