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The tagline for my website is “We Have Today.”  Many of my posts involve how to make the best of today.  They explain how to communicate, thrive as a couple and in your relationships, embrace the hidden beautiful moments of each day, honor those who are around you, and things of that ilk.  Today?  Not so much.

I frequent Giant Eagle (our local grocery store chain) probably 5x/week.  I have gotten to know many of the people who work there and enjoy my shopping experience.   However, one thing makes my shopping trips (on occasion) the very best.  When I buy Vidalia onions (or onion-singular…doesn’t matter) something very special happens.  The self checkout has a female voice.  Granted, she can be quite surly and at times standoff-ish but generally she is manageable.  HOWEVER she has one special moment, and it’s when I buy Vidalia onions.

As an experienced self checkout shopper I take my onion(s), put it on the scanner/scale, hit the produce/enter code button, and then type in 4166 (please, I DO NOT use the pictures to scan MY produce).  She (the voice) then says, “Move your sweet onions” in a deep and somewhat sassy tone.  Yeah, I giggle…a lot, every time.  At times I dance a little as she says it.  The front end employees all know how much I enjoy those moments and laugh with me (at me…either way).  Sometimes, I buy onions when I don’t even need them.  I just love to hear this woman/machine say, “Move your sweet onions.”

You see, the things like this are essential to surviving.  One of the employees who noticed the onion in my basket came by to watch.  After I did my little “move your sweet onions” dance I said to him, “look man, if you don’t enjoy the simple things in life the big things will crush you.”  I mean that.  I really mean that.

In fact, I love those little things that just make you laugh.   More often than not the more juvenile the better.  They do very often just get me through another day.  I hope  that you have yours.

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