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I needed to get some tires.  I, being the resourceful one, went to the local tire shop.  Oh, I had had my run ins there with their gross misunderstanding of the phrase, “how long will this take” and a certain employees failure to realize that this might inconvenience me…but I relented and went anyhow.  The not so kind employee was gone (I may or may not have had something to do with that…he at one point had basically threatened me.  It’s hard to say.) and the most apologetic guy during that whole process waited on me.  He then asked me the question…you know, THAT question.  The one that causes people in “my condition” to shudder with indecision as to how honestly to answer…Yes, he dared ask, “What’s new?”  Well, as I most often do (most often…not always, probably not most often either…probably occasionally is more fitting) I prayed.  “Lord, do you want me to “go there”?  So I did.
     I told him about Trey and dealing with cancer.  He said he couldn’t do it (very common response, yes you can by the way).  He asked me how I was able to manage.  I then used it as a platform to share the Gospel (this has also been something I have done since Trey’s diagnosis.  I have to believe God gives me a little boost and impact when I speak of Him during these times).  Turns out, the man knew the Lord.  He came to know Him as he faced his 20 year battle with an alcohol addiction.  We spoke of the Lord and compared battle scars.  We mourned for those who do not know Him and yet face so much and so many hardships in life.  Enjoying my time with the man yet wanting my car to get worked on I excused myself and sat down in the waiting area.
     Sitting down I looked up on the wall and saw a very simple, 8 x 11 printed sheet of paper.  On it was written, “Be kind.  Everyone you meet today is battling something.”  HOW PROFOUND!  I believe it to be attributed originally to Plato but he may have stolen it from this tire place…hard to say.  Anyhow, it seems overly simple doesn’t it?  Yet, stop, look around, and really observe people.  Who is it that has it all figured out and things are always going just as they like?  Who is it that has everything under control…even just for today?  Look all you want, they are just not there.  Rather, we are all facing something if not someTHINGS.  Do they vary in short and long term repercussions?  Sure.  Do they fall into all or any of the same categories that ours do?  Probably not.  Yet, they face something.
     What you do with this is up to you.  Should you be more patient?  Maybe.  Should you ask more questions and find out what those closest to you are truly experiencing?  Perhaps.  Should you not flip out as often as you do when things don’t go exactly the way you feel they should?  Seems like a good idea.  Should you go slow with your emotions and realize that we all have issues, we all have stories, we are all facing something?  I would think that to be more than advisable.  All I’m saying is that there is some solid truth on the wall of my local tire dealer, “Be kind.  Everyone you meet today is battling something.”  Even a jerk employee who didn’t care that I was being delayed might have been battling something…hmmm, my bad.
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