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Sitting in an emergency with your father as the ER nurse looks confused and concerned and you come to an obvious realization that things in your world have changed.  While most people hope for an easy life and are constantly upset when things aren’t perfect, the reality is that wide open windows are rare.  The times in life when you can do what you want, when you want, are very rare.  Rather, most often there are more than a couple of things that keep us from living in a carefree manner.  However, there are times when those windows are not even opened a little bit.  They have been slammed shut.

When everything in life comes fast and hard, while you are in the middle of a figurative fire storm, you have to do your best to emotionally respond in counter intuitive fashion.  The more hectic the situation, the more emotionally calm one should hope to be.  Granted, that’s not easy as our emotional side of the brain is much faster than the reason side.  However, if you keep that as a goal, you at least have a chance.

When my window closes, I try to do the following.  I’m not saying that you need to do all or any of these things.  This is just what I have found that I do to make the best of these times.

  1. Be open, honest and vulnerable with what is going on.
  2. Communicate clearly with those closest to you.
  3.  Take help if it is offered AND needed.
  4. Be yourself, don’t try to become someone else.
  5. Use your skills and gifts while utilizing others’.
  6. Survive and advance.
  7. Double down on faith.
  8. Resist fear.
  9. Physically take care of yourself (I’m doing better this time around).
  10. Laugh.
  11. Don’t overspiritualize things.
  12. That being said, walk and talk with God all day long.
  13. When you are not “on” enjoy every minute of free time.
  14. Be extra gracious with others as your emotions are probably not as accurate or objective as you’d like.
  15. Have someone to which you can totally release all of your feelings and emotions.
  16. Eat.
  17. Sleep.
  18. Breathe.
  19. Prepare, love, and care for those who depend upon you.
  20. This is just my/our list, not yours.  Make your own list for when your window closes.

Dad is doing fine and awaiting an inpatient rehab transition.  Thanks for praying and being a part of helping us through this (and previous) times of closed windows.

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