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I pulled my hand out of the water.  There they were, hundreds of them.  They were a little bit longer than a pencil tip, brown, and moving almost like inch worms.  They were all over my hand and arm.  We got the hose and sprayed them hard…they didn’t budge.  I tried to pick them off by hand, no dice.  Finally, some salt (in case they were baby leaches), a brush, and a rag did the trick.

It was Memorial Day.  I was at my sisters house and working on her pond.  I later found out that the little critters were, in fact, blood worms.  I was reaching in and cleaning out all of the soot and biodegraded muck from the neglected ornamental pond.  Why?  Well, I have a pond and know 1 or 2 (no more than 3) things about them.  The real reason though came from another skin sticking creature…a tick.  Bella at that point was on her way to the hospital with a huge welt just below her arm pit.  We did not know what it was or why she was so lethargic and feverish.  I was worried for her, for Rachel, for poor Joe who just wanted to hang out on Memorial Day but was worried about his sister, and for myself.  We’re good not going to Children’s Hospital again for quite some time.

So I took Joe to my sisters cook out while Rachel took Bella to the hospital.  Waiting stunk.  So, I did what I could.  Since I was burdened…I blessed.  Their pond could be really cool.  It could be a feature piece to their backyard.  It could be…just what I needed.

Of course they kept telling me not to worry about it.  “Just relax” they said.  No, that wasn’t going to happen  regardless.  I told them that when I am burdened, I like to bless.

Maybe your daughter does not have Lyme’s disease.  However, you know that we all have stories.  We are all facing something.  We are either getting ready to fight a huge battle, in the middle of a battle, or just recovering from one.  If we happen to be in one of those brief moments where there is no conflict in our world we are most likely still recovering from the last one or are impacted to some degree.  Have you ever been stressed/anxious/nervous when there was nothing to be upset about?  Then, you get upset/stressed/anxious/nervous because you are upset/stressed/anxious/nervous over nothing.  Yeah, good times.

Now, the overall answer is to have someone join you in your emotions.  To do everything from feeling/being alone.  It is of the utmost importance to have someone comfort your grief.  That is the only way that healing can take place.  But what do you do in the moment?  What can you do to pass those horrible ugly hours while you wonder and/or worry about what is coming next or as you await news or results of some sort?  Sure, prayer is a good thing.  Reading and calming down is nice.  But what then?  What’s next?  Yes, there are many destructive things one can do to pretend to forget for awhile but we all know those aren’t the answer and present more problems of their own.  So instead, bless.

Again, I’m not saying to just ignore the pain in your life or the peril that you are in.  If you have been to this site at all or have met me for more than a minute you know I am passionate about healing hurts and addressing your pain.  However, I have found that one of the reasons why bad things happen is an attempt to discourage us from loving others.  Whether you believe in satan, evil spirits, or just Murphy’s Law it does seem that when one wants to do good, bad things are right there.  Therefor, I like to flip that script.  When bad things happen, I like to do good.  Given the amount of excrement that comes most everybody’s way, I dare say our world would take a great turn for the better if each time we were burdened, we blessed.

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