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My brother sent me this picture on Thanksgiving morning at 8:30 am. on his way to work with the message, “What are you thankful for this morning?”

My first thought was obvious.  How tragic.  How sad.  How things are so different for so many us.

My second thought exposes my horrifically sinful side.  I wanted to text back, “I’m thankful I don’t have to work at 8:30 on Thanksgiving day.”  Yeah, that’s how my mind works.  Granted, I’ve learned enough to not text that but not enough to not write about it.

Then, after my inner battle was over, I allowed the Holy Spirit in.  I began to wonder…

Was this man a republican or democrat?  What are his thoughts on gun safety?  I wonder if he supports the caravan’s entry into the USA or would prefer that they are turned back?  What are his thoughts on late term abortion?  What are his thoughts on theology?

I don’t suppose it matters now does it?  I’m CLEARLY not saying that his or her opinion doesn’t matter.  I’m saying that it seems that one thing matters.  They are suffering.  Something has happened.

Why do we focus so much on the things of this world?  We try to “help” the world by being passionate about those and other issues while we ignore the pain and suffering that’s right before us.

I really feel like we can all do better to help everyONE.  One.  Each…person.  We need to focus on who God has put before us.  We need to look at who we can DIRECTLY impact and do it in the best way possible.  Being passionate about causes (especially online) is easy and divisive.  Being passionate about loving and serving individual people is messy yet impactful and rewarding.

Change does not happen on a macro level if there aren’t those leading the way.  Well, if you’re sure that you are that person, far be it for me to stop you.  However, to hide behind a keyboard and not go out and love people, no matter who they are, is what I fear too many people do.

What can be done for the person in this picture?  I’m sure Light of Life is doing their best as are other ministries like The Living Ministry and others.  Perhaps the greater question is, what could have been done before they got to this point?  I will tell you this.  One person coming along side them, truly loving them, sacrificing for them will always have a greater impact than any government agency or organization.  We have to love more, care more, and be there more for the individual…rather than the cause.

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