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Well, I suppose it should say, “What I’m Consuming” but then again you are what you eat so I suppose it IS consuming me.  Anyhow, I’d like to lighten the cultural conversation a bit by listing/describing what I’m watching/listening to/even eating.


Blacklist – James Spader as “Red” is possibly the most entertaining and complex character in drama history.  He is absolutely hilarioius and yet horrifically immune to conscience.  Rachel has to watch many scenes with her hands over her eyes as the tension and, at times, violence is shocking.  Anytime you root for the “bad guy” without much…much inner conflict, you are watching something good.

American Housewife – Shows that depict real life so often miss the mark.  They are even not realistic or are way too realistic and boring.  American Housewife is the rare exception.  Yes, it is a bit over the top (it is tv after all) but the basic truths are very accurate.  Katy Mixon and her family have moved into a super rich/white/fit suburb.  She is white but not wealthy and certainly not fit.  She is…the more stereotypical American housewife.  She resents the other moms, the school, and just about everyone except for her two friends.  One friend is an angry Asian woman, the other an African American lesbian.  The kids are hilarious, diverse, and actually quite a representation of today’s kids.

Me, Myself & I – This new show gives three snapshots of a man’s life.  As a boy of 14, a man in midlife portrayed by SNL’s Bobby Moynihan, and a retiring man played by John Larroquette.  It really feels like an hilarious version of “This is Us.”  It is so very real and makes you feel all the feels.  I had to pause the first episode several times as I was fearful of what horrific social gaffe was coming next.  Great twists, great inspiration, it made me remember a lot of my youth and made me want to parent better.  I hope it continues to be great.

Survivor – After a 10 season hiatus, I’ve been back for the past several seasons.  It’s just good tv.

Leah Remini – Scientology and the Aftermath.  Simply put, you have to watch it.  Yes, Leah has a huge crush on me but my marriage is solid.  However, and in all horrific seriousness, this is so important as it informs the viewer not only about the evils of Scientology but cults in general as well.  My heart breaks each episode.  Rachel is out as it just blows her mind each week that people get sucked into the lies and stay for so long.  I’m still in as it simply fascinates me.

Ink Master – You know who my wife is.

Food Network – Guy’s Grocer Games, Chopped, Beat Bobby Flay, Diner’s Drive In’s and Dives, Worst Cooks, Master Chef (though I don’t do the Canada version), The Kitchen.

The Ultimate Fighter – It’s season 26 and I’ve seen every episode.  This time it’s women fighting at 125lbs.  The winner gets the first UFC 125lb. title.  Always interesting that the ladies season has very little drama and over the top drinking/pranking/carousing.

Psych – Yeah, I said it.  Rachel and I started watching it again this summer on Netflix.  It really might be the funniest and, at times, smartest (comically speaking) hour long show of all time.  Don’t judge.

Amazing Race – Ok, it’s not on right now but it has to be on this list.  Best reality show ever.



No Agenda – Adam Curry (yes the former MTV VJ) co-hosts this show about looking behind the media to the real motivation behind politics, culture and business.  It is hilarious, insightful, and eye opening.  It makes me smarter.  An added bonus is that they cover international issues and I learn a lot about things the American media doesn’t cover.

Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew – Perfect combination of information and entertainment.

UFC UNfiltered – I love MMA and Matt Serra is just a good guy.


93.7 The Fan – I root for Colin Dunlap (his daughter and family are battling cancer) and enjoy most of the personalities (I’m not a hater so I won’t list those I don’t care for).

DVE Morning Show – less and less lately as they are getting too political.

XM/Sirius Satellite – Sports, MMA, and comedy.


Well, the bible…and if you know me you know that’s about it.


Gluten Free (pretty hardcore), Sugar free (well, no added sugar or sweets), Mostly grain free, Mostly dairy free (I mean SOME cheese…c’mon), tons of sweet potatoes, lots of peppers (in theory I shouldn’t eat ANY nightshades but…), and drinking pretty much nothing but water.  The only caffeine I have is a 5hour energy/day.

So…what about you?


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