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Horrific tragedy, loss of life, terror, and fear.  That is what happened in Las Vegas for sure.  A city was traumatized.  A nation mourned.  Everyone took notice.

Why did Stephen Paddock do it?  Did Stephen Paddock do it?  If not him then who?  Regardless of who why?  How?  Was ISIS really a a part of it?  Everyone is told, “If you see something, say something.”  How did no one see anything?  Vegas has more cameras than just about anywhere in the world?  How did nothing come up?  How did he have so many guns in his room?  Why would a single shooter need so many guns?

There are many alternative theories.  To me, it seems as if he was probably a low to mid level weapons dealer who got ambushed for some reason or another.  Why those who would ambush him would then shoot on the crowd below is simple speculation.  Either way it doesn’t really matter in the long run.  What matters now is to figure out how to prevent something like this in the future.  People have many ways to accomplish this.  Some say gun control is the answer.  Others say that we need more background checks on all people, not just potential gun owners, but any that may have the potential for such actions.  It is even being proposed to include different medical diagnosis even including autism.

I’ve heard it said to a degree that what this man (or whoever) did was use their freedom for evil.  In his/their freedom…they sinned.  Thus, the logical response is to limit freedom.  But that doesn’t limit sin.  Benjamin Franklin said, “Those that would give up liberty for a little safety deserve neither.”  Granted he was directly referring to taxes and defense against French and Indian attacks but I believe the principle to be the same.  If we restrict the general population with more and more regulation and intrusion into privacy we will not eliminate sin…we will just move it.  The sin will lie in the hands of those who have restricted the freedom.  Sin does not go away.

Therefor, you/we have a choice.  What to do about this entire situation?  Some will choose to become politically more active and lobby for or against said restrictions.  Some will choose to do so on social media alone.  Others yet will throw up their hands and simply say, “What can you do?”  Regardless of your choice I hope and pray that you will take care of this sin condition in your own world first and foremost.

With every day, every hour and minute, we have the opportunity to do good or evil.  We can bless or hurt.  No matter what action you take politically or not, you have the opportunity to do so out of love or out of sin.  Do you seek to understand those who don’t agree with you or do you lambaste them?  Do you respect those who oppose you or do you ridicule them?  Do you entertain other points of view or dismiss them outright?  Do you love or do you hate?

All of this is noise and distraction that hits us at our deepest fears and anxiety.  It is to divide and polarize.  If each of us chose to live as emotionally slow as we can so that we can follow the urge and calling to love we will be in a far better place.  Sin will always lurk in the shadows and occasionally brazenly flaunt itself to the forefront, but love will always triumph.

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