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I’ve wondered for years what this day may look and feel like.  I will certainly find out in the next 4 hours.  It’s been an amazing 3 days.  From the most ghastly, sudden, and thunderous moment of my life to a quiet if not increasingly busy Saturday morning, it’s been a gentle whirlwind few days filled with love, busyness, difficult decisions, and a full range of emotions.  Above all of that…we’ve been ok.

God’s Love for us has been the one constant we have experienced.  From the funeral home details, the viewing and funeral planning at Hebron church (the folks there are amazing), buying a cemetery plot (Joe, the “owner” made us cry with his comfort and generosity), the messages and posts on facebook and my website, to our amazing families (both our immediate family and the family of Christ, we have been loved.

Trey is still very much in our hearts and minds and sneaking around every emotional corner.  I check in with Joe and Bella (emotionally) and they are sad, scared, preoccupied with doing, comforted and yet resolved.

Rachel and I were speaking of what Joe should wear and she said, “I certainly wouldn’t let him wear tennis shoes to someone else’s viewing.”  I replied, “Yeah, but this is his brother’s viewing, he can do/say/wear whatever he wants.”  It’s those moments, those conversations, that you simply find to be surreal.

Surreal…yeah, that about sums it up.  It will continue to be that way.  We’re drinking from an emotional fire hydrant.  We love you all.  It’s go time.

ps-We have heard of houses being broken into during funerals/viewings etc.  We have video surveillance and several trained and licensed people watching over our house in the coming days.  Please don’t add to our time of mourning by giving us an added sense of insecurity in our home.  Rather, come to our viewing and funeral services and see what God’s Love looks like.

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