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Today, Good Friday, millions of Christians will prove to the world that they are holy by posting scripture on their social networking pages.  Others will do so by going to church (some really holy ones, myself included, will do BOTH).  However, what if?  What if there were more?  What if there was something else we could do or be doing?  No, not to prove how holy you are or how much of a Christian you are, but to further identify with Jesus.

Today I propose this.  Jesus, in His most very simplest and minimal (if that is even at all possible) way, embodied sacrifice for others on the cross.  Yes, what He was doing was much much more than that.  However, what if we just started by keeping it that simple?  Sacrificing something, some part of our life, for others?  Oh, those of you who gave up something for Lent may be asking yourself, “What the crap did I just do then?”  This is different.

Today, ask God to show you who in your life needs to be loved, needs some love, something that you can provide for them.  Not money, not service, not really anything more than five, ten to twenty minutes of your time.  I’m also not talking about your son or daughter/mother or father/best friend.  Nope, someone else.  Throw someone a random bone and watch what it does.  You see, Jesus died for all, not just those closest to Him.  Jesus died for you.  Even if you don’t believe that, the message of sacrifice and love should not put you off.

Today, take that 5 – 20 ,minutes and just let that someone know what they mean to you.  Be detailed.  Use good emotional need wording, “You always accept me…you pay attention to me when no one else does…you are always there to encourage me…you are my friend, no matter what I do” etc.  Sacrifice your time and a touch of security (it can be a little bit unnerving to put yourself out there like that) so that someone else can be blessed.  I don’t mean at all to minimize what Jesus was doing on the cross…that is MUCH more than this.  However, it certainly is a way that you can give Him acknowledgement for that sacrifice.

Today, follow Jesus’ lead in sacrificing for and the loving of others.  It will make this a different Good Friday for you and for whoever He puts on your heart.  It will also set up Sunday to be a different Easter that means more to you than others in the past.

So why not?  Just give it a try.  Today.

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