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Pardon the borderline inappropriate picture, however, you’ve heard about it, you’ve read about it, you may have even seen it before…but the picture above is famous as it was the great “Apples in my Unders” extravaganza.

Short story short.  Trey walks into the living room.  He is quite obviously misshapen in the “down theres.”  I ask him, “What do you have there Trey?”  He replies, “Apples…apples in my unders.”  Sure enough, no less than 4 apples in his underwear.

Why?  Why not?  Was anything going on?  Was he doing this or that?  Was he in trouble and trying to be cute?  Had he been punished and trying to get out of it?  No to all of the above, though all could have been possible.

It was a random, awesomely silly moment from a great kid who just did things his own way.

I suppose I could parlay or hijack this simple beautiful reminder of what a great kid Trey was and turn it into a post with some meaning about living in the moment or taking chances to make others laugh, but alas I will leave it as it is, a tribute to my boy who was just rockin’ some…Apples in his Unders.

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