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  1.  I can’t stand when nothing is wrong, but not much is right.
  2. That being said, Joe is just off his 2nd round of antibiotics for ear/sinus infections and cough etc.  He started coughing again this morning.  This has been going on since November.
  3. Bella always can muster up a good cough.
  4. My sinus’ are always filling and draining but I’ve been infection free for sometime now.
  5. Rachel is always clearing her throat (no, not trying to get my attention thank you).
  6. So, is it “that nagging cold/flu season”?  Black mold?  Regular mold?  Our house is very dry and has two french drains and a sump pump but  you never know with plumbing/roof/blah blah blah.
  7. I bought one of those $10 mold detectors.  After step 7 or 72 where it said to place one on each floor, close all of the vents except one, hang from a ceiling fan, tape to the back of a random dog, and shove in a mushroom stuffed with blue cheese I threw it away.
  8. I had a nice time with Rachel’s bro watching the UFC at the Consol arena from the Dick’s Sporting Goods corporate box.
  9. I really, really, really, love my church.
  10. Sunday mornings are the best part of my week.
  11. I saw a woman pick up her son/daughter/three year old (who had laid down face first) from the back of their shirt/pants to a standing position.  I used to do that to Trey when he wouldn’t listen.
  12. Someone, Bella I believe, had a toy in the shower/tub area the other day.  Man, did that take me back to not that long but forever ago…now THOSE things were a mold playground, blech.
  13. My old old (but super trusty) laptop decided it was basically done…at the same time our printer started going all Jeckel and Hyde on us.  I must commend the printer as the focus was entirely on the laptop so the bugs/problems with the printer were masked for quite sometime in this entire process.
  14. Now the printer won’t scan either (before it just stopped printing in black (yes there was ink), and then it wouldn’t connect except that it was connected.
  15. My favorite fighter (one of them anyhow) in the UFC, Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone said that his game plan for a possible upcoming fight would be to “bite down hard on my mouth piece and give ‘er hell.”  I like that.
  16. I told that to 4-80 year oldish members of our church and they all agreed.  One said that it was a very Godly principle.  Have I mentioned how much I love my church?
  17. While I like winter sunshine I can’t stand when the weather is a liar and you think it’s warm outside and alas…it is not.
  18. A phrase that comes to mind a lot regarding Trey is that I don’t really “miss” him (I know where he is, I would want him back but only a healthy him, blah blah blah) I’m just sad.
  19. I had to reapply for my clearances and two came back in surprisingly quick fashion, the third (fingerprint) seems to be coming via “Pasquale’s Some Day Delivery Service.”
  20. Joe is full blown into becoming a man and is very excited about it.
  21. I could do without the emotional surges.
  22. I have found chia seeds to have a bit of a peppery taste the longer you spend drinking your smoothie.
  23. I have historically talked about “Big Faith” vs. “Little Faith” where you need “Big Faith” to get through your child having cancer (as a random example) but “Little Faith” to do the small things “start getting up earlier, make some healthy changes to your diet, minor fixits to your schedule.”  I so struggle with “little faith.”
  24. In all actuality, #23 isn’t all that hard to figure out inasmuch that there is very little you can do with “Big Faith” issues but “Little Faith” ones involve you (me) doing something that we/I can clearly choose not to do.
  25. I heard an MMA guy say that if David were literally to face Goliath today that Vegas would have him as a favorite as the only advantage Goliath had was size,  David had speed, agility, weapon advantage, intangibles (motivation), etc.  I don’t know the spiritual implications but it a really interesting way of looking at it.
  26. Rachel and I talked the other day about how mad we would get at Trey.  We both accurately agreed that he was a real stinker and deserved our anger in those moments.
  27. I always promised myself to not beat myself up for those moments…I don’t…I won’t.  Man, that kid knew how to press buttons.
  28. A “Nonversation” – when guys get together, everything gets said without anyone talking.
  29. In all honesty, when I lived with my mom we had a ton of these.
  30. We were at Disney on the last leap year.
  31. I wonder if I’ll get back to golfing THIS summer.
  32. I’m close to making my beef rub in bulk quantities to simplify my beef cooking experience.
  33. Two weeks ago I prepared a crappy bottom round roast (my typical $4.30/lb from Sam’s) and a lovely quarter leg of lamb.  With all due respect they were my finest meat moments.  So good.
  34. I might try to plant some fresh herbs this summer.
  35. I will use #34 to see if Rachel is reading this.

Talk to you all soon.

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