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I wanted to follow up on things for you all now that Trey has been home for a day or so.  Thanks for sharing our story so many times.  There were over 4,000 visits to the site yesterday (that’s a lot for us).  Anyhow, I want to fill you in some more.

Trey is just not good (granted that’s an understatement).  His breathing is increasingly labored and his belly is, well, huge.  I had a “moment” yesterday that was the first of God showing up in the furnace.  I was thinking and praying, more thinking than praying (thank you Ryan Lowe) about when and what to say to Joe and Bella but then I thought about Trey.  You see, he doesn’t know what cancer is, that he has it, or what his diagnosis/prognosis is.  This summer he said, “I don’t want to die.” in the middle of a very fast conversation that actually was started by Joe (kind of).  You can read about that here.  What could/will I say to Trey?

I’ve asked him before, in the spring actually, when he was in a similar but not quite as bad way as he is now (with the hope of the super radiation treatments that bought us time over the summer), if he would like to some time go see Jesus.  He said yes.  So, what DO I say to him as these days progress?  Then it hit me.

My sister Cathy once said to me, “It’s interesting how much you guys value trips.”  I explained how much I was trying to create memories for Joe and Bella while giving Trey every experience possible.  However, God may have been setting something up that was altogether different.  I wonder if I should just say to Trey that he was going on the best trip ever…to see Jesus and that we would be right behind him (we all do know the Lord and I have my theological reasons for this not being a lie chronologically speaking).  He could understand it as the best trip ever with the greatest of water slides, rides, and the best part would be being there with Jesus.  He could most certainly get behind that idea.  For Joe and Bella I would explain that Trey is just the first to get to go and that we would in fact take another trip after things settle down (you know…after).  It then hit me how Cathy had said that months ago.  I was amazed how God had used my penchant for trips into a perfect way to talk to the kids…all of them about what was going and about to go on.  I slumped to the floor sobbing…and then messaged Cathy.  I may very well keep track of these “Son of the Gods in the furnace with me” moments.

So, he slept through the night except for when he needed his pain meds.  He got up hungry, ate a little, threw up a little, and is chillin’ on the couch.  His eyes look like crap but he’s hanging in there. Aunt Cathy came for a surprise visit and we went to five below to get him some blind bags.  He did not do well.  He just doesn’t have the energy.  Joe and Bella are fine.  Rachel and I had some thorough conversations last night and are on the same page, whatever page that is.  More updates in the coming days…

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