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1,  I tried to write a post 4x regarding how burdened I am that people are grossly lumping each other into groups (white/black, civilian/police, republican/democrat, believer/atheist, dog lover/cat lover) etc. rather than realizing that each person in each of these groups are…people.

2.  It’s really hard to do that when your kids are in the room.  Kids right?

3.  Tweenage tv shows are not conducive to getting work done.

4.  I am aware that these shows are made up of individuals and I shouldn’t lump them together.

5.  I would like to declare that each individual on each individual show is really hard to watch.

6.  I had a great moment with Rachel last night regarding my speaking at a Children’s Hospital event in August.  Being open, honest and vulnerable is an incredible essential in any relationship.

7.  Joe and I tore down our swing set the other day.  Another reminder that things have changed.

8.  I have wanted to give away Trey’s big wheel to a certain someone for quite some time.  I finally asked her and she agreed.  It means a ton to me that two little boys will get to ride Trey’s little three wheeler.

9.  I went to make a snide joke last night that would have been harmless (mostly).  Instead, I imagined the person lying in bed wondering, “what did he mean by that?”  So instead I encouraged him and lifted him up.  I wish I did that more.

10.  This political season (see #1) is going to make me really sad…a lot.

11.  Watching the contractors across the street flip this house (AMEN!!!) makes me realize how much I chose the right profession for me.

12.  I met a really cool family in our neighborhood last night.  Something interesting is happening in our area lately.  More and more younger families are moving in due to the low cost of living and interesting architecture.  Penn Hills might just revitalize after all.

13.  I want to do all that I can to make that happen.

14.  Growing a garden (for the first time) has been a blast.

15.  I am afraid to pick my vegetables because then they’ll be gone.

16.  My grass is green and yet not growing…YAY!

17.  I love the number of relationships I have with people who believe things far different that I do.

18.  I wish that I lived near all of the fresh food.

19.  I actually read a couple of chapters of a book this summer.  Not to brag or anything…

20.  One of the many terrible things about having a child die of cancer is not being able to reach out to those in  (or having a loved one in) a fight with cancer.  You are simply a reminder of death and no one in that battle wants that.

21.  We may actually get all of our outdoor summer projects done this year.

22.  Is this really the same part of the country that is so bitter cold for so long?  Really?

23.  I’m getting a book that explains how to boost/fix my immune system (the one that attacked my thyroid) through diet.  Hot peppers better be on that list.

24.  Watch it say, “Caffeine, artificial sweeteners, and carbonated beverages (all things I have eliminated) are all essential for your new way of living.”

25.  I would like Faith Church to truly be a tool used by many to spread the same love that God first gave them.

26.  If I was a millionaire I really wouldn’t own much more than I do now.

27.  Granted, what I have would probably be a lot nicer…

28.  If you’d like to give me a million dollars I will take it.

29.  A Ruth’s Chis gift card will suffice.

30.  7:45 am. is a bit early to be jack hammering, though I do appreciate the efforts.

31.  I would like a report each day of who’s dreams I was in the night before.

32.  Some people would be really shocked that they pop up in mine.

33.  Joe is willingly cleaning his room and yet screaming…at something.

34.  He just sent a cardboard box down the stairs and told Bella she could have it.

35.  When Trey died we became a much older couple (our youngest was now in 4th grade instead of kindergarten.

36.  I am forever grateful that God whispered that to me long before he passed.

37.  Always remember when you have eaten beets the day before…always.

38.  If you really want to get to know yourself, list your top 50 faults.  It’s amazing.

39.  Don’t do that here.

40.  If you suffer from self condemnation take some time and give thanks for all of the things that you don’t beat yourself up over.

41.  For example, if you blame yourself for one thing, give thanks that you don’t struggle with some other thing.

42.  Rachel just said that her sunglasses broke which is, “the worst thing.”

43.  Well…

44.  aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand now Bella is playing with her new box.  I’m done.

45.  I have no patience to proofread today, sorry.

46.  I will never end one of these on a multiple of 5.



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