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It is the year 1989 and I am a senior in high school.  I have asked to date a certain young lady with the (stated) purpose of going to the prom with me later that month.  So we begin to go out.  After a few dates she decides it’s her turn to treat me.  She has just returned from a trip away with her father and has brought me a couple of gifts.  She tells me that we have reservation at an unnamed restaurant, that I may not know where it is, and that she is treating.  She was in control of everything.

So, it turns out we go to a fancy Italian restaurant in a nearby town that just so happens to be owned by a man who belongs to a country club where I worked.  Further, his son (in his 40’s at the time) is also a member and is very kind to me when I work.  His name is Kerry and he runs the place.  It’s the type of place where there are no windows, is very dark, and has many many regular patrons.  I have never been there before.  We enter about 20 minutes before our reservation.  She is beaming with pride.  She tries to tell them that we have a reservation.  However, Kerry recognizes me and gives me a wry smile realizing I’m on a date and says, “Mr. Mitlo, so glad you chose to dine with us this evening, we have a table for you right over here.”  He proceeds to take us to a corner table and pulls out her chair first and mine after.  He dotes all over us while her mouth opens wider and wider in amazement.  “Mr. Mitlo, if you need anything, anything at all you let me know.  We are here to serve you.”  Minutes later their most expensive appetizer platter arrives “compliments of the owner”.  Kerry checks in on us occasionally and she is simply blown away (once she got over everything being “her treat”).

I am here to tell you that everyone, EVERYONE (let alone an 18 year old high school student), should get to experience a night like that once in their life.  I was THE man.  She wanted to treat me (God bless her heart) and instead she was treated to the fact that (for one night) she was dating a straight up boss.

Now, I could proceed to tell you that during a time in my life where there was a lot of chaos, no security, and me just struggling to figure out what was next in my life that this night met so many of my emotional needs.  I could show how we all need to be honored/blessed and to realize that we matter.  I could point out that we should all treat each other the way Kerry treated me.  I could…but I’m not.  I just wanted to tell you an awesome story from my past that made me feel like a stud, like a boss.  That’s all.

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