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In the after glow of the game yesterday there were plenty of moments that were good or very good depending on your perspective.  Yet, IT didn’t happen.  But it could have.  Years ago, ESPN ran a commercial (once I think) where they used the tagline, “It could happen so you’d better watch.”  They showed a bunch of last second shots and plays.  They showed a myriad of unbelievable moments in sports.   They even showed a few random super crazy things that happened over the years.  I thought it was brilliant.  So brilliant that I saw it once and never again.  However, the theme has always stuck with me.  Actually, I think about it almost every day.

No, I don’t think about it in regards to sports, though I appreciate getting to see “those moments” live or as close to live as my DVR and I allow.  No, I’m referring to life.  Specifically, the life of my son Trey.  He is the YoungWarrior.  Trust me, you don’t get the moniker of YoungWarrior by being easy to raise.  That boy within moments knows your buttons (both positive and negative) and knows how to push them.  He wants you to love him?  You will.  He wants you to get frustrated?  You will.  He wants you to lose your…ish?  Believe me, you will.

Many a night, bedtime to be specific, goes by where he has pushed every one of my buttons.  Bath time?  Check.  Prayer time?  Super check.  Bedtime?  Check.  AFTER bedtime?  Check.  Then, a few hours later I’m laying in my (Rachel’s, let’s be honest) bed and it hits me with a thud.  What if today was the last day that he was 100%?  What if tomorrow he begins to be “symptomatic?”  What if today was the last day he was fine?  I then pray that I get one more day.

It could happen.  “It” can be both negative and positive though.  I just relayed the negative perspective with “it” being him becoming symptomatic.  However, “It” can be quite positive as well.  Take last night during a party we had for the SuperBowl combined with a baby shower/party for Rachel’s brother and his wife.  At one point all of the kids who were playing in the basement came flying up the stairs screaming.  Why were they screaming and running?  Well, that would be because Trey had gotten naked and was chasing them up the stairs.  Oh, he didn’t stop there.  He went into the living room and announced, “C’mon everyone, let’s get naked!”

Maybe you don’t have a 4, almost 5, year old who is diagnosed with terminal cancer who likes to get naked at parties.  Maybe you don’t have a “Ferocious” 9 year old who falls out of folding chairs for no apparent reason.  There’s a good chance you don’t have a 7 year old “Sassy Princess” who took needle nose pliers to the head of her 9 year old brother (this time just to pull out  his hair, not to stab him…this time, this time) and then later on her way to the bathroom simply put her head on your stomach as you laid in bed.  But you have someone, somewhere, who loves you.  You do.

I know that the biggest if not only reason I can say this is because I am forced to.  However, it IS true of all of us.  It could happen…so you’d better watch.  Watch out?  No.  Watch and make sure nothing bad ever happens?  No, it will anyhow.  Watch and live in fear?  No.  You need to (at least try to) watch and appreciate what life really  has to offer and not chase the mirages of failed promises and culture created symbols of achievements.  Appreciate each moment of life, or at least get naked at a Super Bowl party.

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