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There’s been a lot of traffic on the site in the last week.  For those of you who are new to things here I thought that I’d give you a quick catch up on the basics.  Just click on the bold print and you will be linked to some essentials that I believe are the foundations for being able to live an emotionally healthy life.

You see, we all have emotional needs.  When we don’t have one of these needs met or have one taken from us we experience hurts.  Hurts manifest themselves in different ways and go different places.  We often end up feeling alone.  Comfort is the key to healing these hurts.

The best way to live and ensure that our needs are met (or give it our best chance) is to place our trust in God to meet our needs, not dump expectations on those in our world.  Then, communicate openly, honestly and vulnerably with our loved ones as to what our needs are.  Lastly, mutually give to meet our loved ones needs.

Again, these are just the absolute basics of what this website is built upon.  When you are bored, take some time and peruse more of the posts.  Just hit the search button and type in whatever you’d like to read about.  These principles have changed my life and helped me not only understand who I am and what I need but also helped me help others.  I pray that it will do the same for you.

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