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I posted this over two years ago.  I came across it today and wanted to share it with you.

Jay Mitlo

I held him for you tonight. I did not have a great evening. Nothing major happened, just equipment issues, technological malfunctions, frustrations, and then typical children triggers toward bedtime. Compound that with being upset that I allowed those things to bother me and I was in a bad way. As Trey was making a lot of noise up in his bed I went up to tape his pajamas shut (lest he take them off…again). I picked him up and held him. He quietly (for the most part) put his head on my shoulder and it hit me. How blessed I was to be honored to hold him. Many of you came to my mind and how much you would give for that moment. I already knew that there could be a day down the road that I would give anything to hold him (cancer or not, they do grow up I’m told). Yet, in that moment I thought of you and how you would love to hold him. So I did, for me but also for you. I held him tight and told him how many people loved him. I whispered in his ear how loved he was. I held him tightly tonight, for me, and for you.

February 26, 2011 at 9:25pm

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